The Wisdom of Charlie Chan
1931Charlie Chan Carries On * Warner Oland 20th Century Fox
1931Black CamelOtto Yamaoka (Kashimo)
1932Charlie Chan's Chance *
1933Charlie Chan's Greatest Case *
1934Charlie Chan's Courage *
1934Charlie Chan in London
1935Charlie Chan in ParisKeye Luke (Lee Chan)
1935Charlie Chan in EgyptStepin Fetchit (Snowshoes)
1935Charlie Chan in ShanghaiKeye Luke (Lee Chan)
1936Charlie Chan's Secret
1936Charlie Chan at the CircusKeye Luke (Lee Chan)
1936Charlie Chan at the Race Track
1936Charlie Chan at the Opera
1937Charlie Chan at the Olympics
1937Charlie Chan on Broadway
1938Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
1938Charlie Chan in Honolulu Sidney Toler Victor Sen Yung (Jimmy Chan)
1939Charlie Chan in Reno
1939Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
1939Charlie Chan in City of Darkness
1940Charlie Chan in PanamaVictor Sen Yung (Jimmy Chan)
1940Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
1940Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
1940Murder Over New York
1941Dead Men Tell
1941Charlie Chan in Rio
1941Castle in the Desert
1944Charlie Chan in the Secret Service Monogram Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Benson Fong (Tommy Chan)
Marianne Quon (Iris Chan)
1944The Chinese Cat Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Benson Fong (Tommy Chan)
1944Black Magic (Meeting at Midnight) Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Frances Chan (Frances Chan)
1945The Jade Mask Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Edwin Luke (Eddie Chan)
1945The Scarlet Clue Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Benson Fong (Tommy Chan)
1945The Shanghai Cobra
1945The Red Dragon Benson Fong (Tommy Chan)
Willie Best (Chattanooga)
1946Dark Alibi Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Benson Fong (Tommy Chan)
1946Shadows Over Chinatown Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Victor Sen Yung (Jimmy Chan)
1946Dangerous Money Victor Sen Yung (Jimmy Chan)
Willie Best (Chattanooga)
1947Charlie Chan and the Trap Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Victor Sen Yung (Jimmy Chan)
1947Chinese Ring Roland Winters Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Victor Sen Yung (Tommy Chan)
1948Charlie Chan on the Docks of New Orleans
1948The Shanghai Chest
1948The Golden Eye
1948The Feathered Serpent Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Victor Sen Yung (Tommy Chan)
Keye Luke (Lee Chan)
1949Sky Dragon Mantan Moreland (Birmingham)
Keye Luke (Lee Chan)

* - These four films are now lost.