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Dennis Newell's Strato-Spool style reel

Dennis Newell sends us this info about his home-made Strato-Spool:

It's been a busy summer but I finally made and tested a big kite winder---a prototype for a Strato-Spool that currently seems to make me happy. Thought I would share with you the results. I am going to change a few things but here are some photos of the kite winder attached.

I studied the various pictures I could find on the web and estimated size and angles. And it actually is very satisfyingly functional as well. I like to build everything from scratch, and the trial and error method takes twice as long. I would have bought one if I could have found one in existence.

Basic measurements, 9 inch spool, 34" long, I have 1000 foot of 250 pound Dacron on it currently. I used strips of rubber mat as the brake material, the photos do not really show that. The main frame is oak and the rest of the materials are scraps I found in my dad's wood shop.

Total cost was about $9.00 including screws, bolts, knob. It took me about 8 hours to create and assemble and the second one will be a lot easier I am sure. My next one is going to use a bicycle axle for its center bearings.

Dennis Newell, August 2004