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Last updated May 26, 2009

The pictures below were taken with a Fujifilm Finepix A201. An older, but rugged camera.

Oak Island, NC

This beach runs East-West along the Outer Banks. To the West you can see the beach, and Long Beach beyond. Looking inland, you see the intracoastal waterway. To the East you can see Oak Island Lighthouse. (5/25/09)

The pictures below were taken with an Agfa ePhoto CL-20 camera. The reddish tint on the right margin of some photos is a defect in the camera. I have two of them and both have the same problem. Too bad, as the cameras are otherwise pretty nice.

Lake Wheeler

Batteries died after only 4 shots and I was pointed in the wrong direction. Still, not bad. (11/02/02)


The Entertainment and Sports Center is adjacent to NCSU's football stadium. I couldn't decide which way to shoot, so I got a little of both. A really good picture of the EASC still eludes me! (9/2002)

Fort Macon

Civil War era fort on the N.C. coast. Photos taken in high winds with an 8 sq. ft. Sutton parafoil.

Entertainment & Sports Complex

Only got a photo of the entrance and the adjacent football stadium.

Cary, NC

Shots taken from an office complex near I-40. The piles that look like dirt are ground up trees from Hurricane Fran, just now being ground up years later. That's a cemetery behind the soccer fields.

McCuller's Crossroads, NC

Just a handy testing ground near home. This is from my 2nd flight.

Shopping center on the site of an old airport

The black and white photo shows this area in the 30's. Traces of the old runways are visible in the woods behind the shopping center.

Lake Wheeler, NC

Taken from a meadow across the road from the Lake.