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Literature Search

I have begun a modest search of turn-of-the-century literature for Kite and KAP references. Here are my results so far. Note that Blue Hill is a meteorological station and a man named Rotch worked there.

Arthur Batut's book refers to several articles in La Nature. This magazine apparently is not connected with the British Nature, as near as I can tell. The page numbers refer to Aerial Photography From a Kite, which contains an English translation of his book.
p13 1888 - Nature - Arthur Batut (La Nature?)
p105 2/26/1888 - La Nature - Mr. Esterlin
p127 7/16/1887 - La Nature - Mr. Colladon
p139 9/7/1889 - La Nature - Ferdinand Pottier
p139 9/21/1889 - La Nature - Ferdinand Pottier

For further KAP historical information, visit Andrea Casalboni's website. Christian Chalamet recommends these two links (both are in French): Kite History and KAP history.