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A600: Mast and Boom

Mast and boom

Assembly of the mast, sail and boom is pretty easy, but in some cases it's hard to visualize what exactly to do. The photo below illustrates the only complex assembly.

I've redrawn the diagram in the instructions which attempts to explain this step. The mast does not extend much at all below the deck. The grommet at it's base will hold it in place, and the 30mm x 9.6mm aluminum spacer tube resting on top of it will prevent the mast from sinking any deeper. Two brass eyes are screwed into the mast just above, spaced 30mm apart. The little aluminum tube on the right slips down through the brass eyes, then a washer, the tube is then crimped and drilled.

The review in the November 2005 issue of Marine Modeling International suggests doing away with the aluminum tube entirely and simply turning the upper eyelet 90° and attaching it directly to the boom. Then adding an extra eyelet at deck level. I understand future kits will also use this simplified scheme. See the photo Pat sent me (left).

Two sizes of line are supplied. I used the thinner type to tie the line from the hole drilled in the small aluminum tube to the boom in a diagonal. Put the grommet on the boom first, so you can tension the line by pushing it outward.

Assembly of the remainder of the mast consists of sliding on grommets and tying the sail to the mast with short lengths of the supplied line. I had to cut the line with an X-acto knife, then sear the ends with a cigarette lighter. Then I sealed the knot with some glue.

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