Re: [baidarka] fabric wear at sharp corners

George Privett (
Mon, 4 May 1998 20:19:32 -8:00

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From: "George Privett" <>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 20:19:32 -8:00
Subject: Re: [baidarka] fabric wear at sharp corners

Hi Hendrik and Bram,

This is excellent info. Coincidently, there was a trade show in
town this weekend and I met an exhibitor from Vancouver, British
Columbia who was selling industrial tents made with PVC. He said
that he could supply material in 60" widths from 12oz to 36oz. I
got some 12oz and 18oz samples. It seems very strong. I couldn't
rip it even when he sliced it open with a razor knife. Good colour
selection too - from natural canvas colour to bright red and blue.

> Hi George
> I skinned a Greenland style kayak with a PVC coated polyester cloth used for
> awnings. As mentioned by Hendrick the material has virtually no stretch and
> I had doubts about being able to work with it. I was successful in creating
> an excellent looking job with only 4 panels for the hull. The panels lap on
> the keel, the chines and the gunwales using a glued joint. The material is
> extremely strong. I haven't had much time to try the boat out as it is not
> quite finished so overall serviceability hasn't been determined. Life sure
> gets in the way of fun doesn't it. The material measures .45mm thick
> (1/64")and weights about 16 oz per 36" x 36".
> Hope this helps
> Regards
> Bram van der Sluys


G Privett, Whitehorse, Yukon