[baidarka] legs going to sleep - solution

Garry Rose (grose@ibm.net)
Tue, 5 May 1998 20:47:25 mtn

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Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 20:47:25 mtn
From: Garry Rose <grose@ibm.net>
Subject: [baidarka] legs going to sleep - solution

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> Subject: Re: [baidarka] Suggestions for baidarka "seat"?
> A pedestal is a good way to sit in a canoe, but it would raise the center
> of gravity enough in something the size of a Rob Roy to give you a very
> tippy ride. Best to sit as low as you can. I'm still trying to work
> out something that won't kill my back and/or put my legs to sleep. let us
> know what you come up with.
> David
I have solved the sleeping leg problem with the baidarka without raising the centre of
gravity. The solution is:

using a stuff bag (about 15 in. long and 4 inch diameter) and two ordinary plastic
bags about 8 in. by 6 inches. I filled each bag with beads (used for making plastic
bottles) while the bag is in the stuff bag (it is very difficult to get the plastic
bag in afterward). I tie each plastic bag and poke some holes in with a pin to allow
breathing. I then tie the end of the stuff bag.

The stuff bag is then tied to the rib under the top of the thigh. The result is a
rising like you will find on chairs. This must take the load of nerves or whatever. I
had to adjust the location front and back to get the right location.

What is difference it makes. One suggestion for improvement that I have NOT tried but
could make a difference is to use lead shot instead of the beads. this would act as

The ice is almost off the lakes and so sailing time is almost here.