Re: [baidarka] ribbing progress

Philip Wylie (
Wed, 06 May 1998 22:43:17 -0600

Date: 	Wed, 06 May 1998 22:43:17 -0600
From: Philip Wylie <>
Subject: Re: [baidarka] ribbing progress

A thought that has been running through my mind includes
the use of 'sono tubes' the likes of which are used
to pour cement into in order to make cement pillars or
foundation support columns. They are made of card board
and 24 inch diameter should permit many kayaks to be
inserted along with some foam rubber. Cap the ends and
there you go. Your Kayak is safe in a tough cardboard
envelope. You can paint mysterious cryptic markings
on the outside to convince the cargo handlers to treat
it gently. This might solve problems for most people.

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Rich Frey wrote:
> I finished my ribs! This time around, it went better, although I redid every
> rib to get the shape I needed. I conclude that the single biggest success
> factor is the straightness of the grain. As I breeze through (hopefully) the
> chines and keel and prepare to skin, I can't help but question how I will
> transport my valuable cargo the 600 miles to the BWCAW. Any ideas? My
> concern is torqueing the frame all out of shape ( I like to secure things
> well). I entertained the idea of creating a webbing harness (ala chinese
> finger puzzle) to spread out the stress...any ideas? Or am I being anal again?
> Rich