Re: [baidarka] ribbing progress

HendrikMaroske (
Fri, 08 May 1998 21:24:43 +0200

Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 21:24:43 +0200
From: HendrikMaroske <>
Subject: Re: [baidarka] ribbing progress

> >You could mark it with radioactive symbols or put fins on it
> >and a nose cone and disguise it to be a scud missle. %^)


> I gotta admit, the sonotube does sound good for a shipping crate,
> like if you were flying the boat somewhere.

Well, I took my baidarkas as regular baggage. The transatlantic
flightallows two bags of 30kg each.

Had to say this, as one of the few folding baidarka owners :))

The flights in europe are a bit more difficult. I solved the problem by
shipping the boat in _one_ bag of 45kg, marked, declared and paid
for as a... SURFBOARD. No joke =8() Anyone here who has a 45kg


Back to the thread. How about adding sturdy wings to the tube
and just flying it to its destination? The eskimo paddle might
serve as a good propeller, and the car's motor should suffice :)