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Wed, 13 May 1998 10:20:49 -0700 (PDT)

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 10:20:49 -0700 (PDT)
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From: (Douglas Ingram)
Subject: Re: [baidarka] tubes

Why not just make your own?

Acquire a sono tube of the diameter and a little longer than you desire.
Prepare it with a mold release agent. I would wrap a piece of polyethelen
plastic around it and tape it with packing tape. Packing tape, by the way,
is an excellent mold release for epozies, you can make some amazing things
simply by carving foam and then wrapping the tape over the male foam mold
and then glassing, or you can simply build in the foam as an integral part
of the piece. Depends on whether you need it hollow or not. Anyway, back
to the tubes. After you have prepped your sono tube, paint some ligthly
thickened epoxy on. The small amount of thickener, such as cab-o-sil, helps
make it stickier, which helps keep the glass in place. Then wrap some
fiberglass around the tube so that severa wraps are achieved. Let it cure.
Then sand the glass, you'll be taking it off of the mold latter, but for now
its easier while still on the tube. Then take a jigsaw, or some other
cutting device, and cut down the length of the tube along one side. Now,
pry the fiberglass tube off of the cardboard tube and remove. If you can
reach, sand or grind the inside face of the tube along the cut, build this
up with glass cut into strips. Use the same number of layers as you have
built the tube wall with so far. Paint the fiberglass tube and continue
applying glass untill the desired number of layers have been acheived. If
your glass dimensions do no permit its width to wrap the girth of you tube
you prefer to wrap diagonally instead of just adding on pieces. If the size
of your tube is large, you may choose to close off the ends of the tube and
set a long pole through so that the tube/mold can be set up as a sort of
lathe. If you do this, and you have some helpers, you can have one person
roll the tube, while another applies resin, while another handles cloth.

For transprt of Baidarkas, one could always use the kayak as a mold and make
a form fitted case out of glass and epoxy...

If one had a mind to, but you had better trust yourself.

>Yes, card board sono tubes have a definate weight factor
>to contend with but fiberglass tubes you say exist?
>Can you tell us more?
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