Re: [baidarka] tubes

Stefano Moretti (
Wed, 13 May 1998 18:08:18 +0200

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 18:08:18 +0200
From: Stefano Moretti <>
Subject: Re: [baidarka] tubes

Philip Wylie wrote:
> Yes, card board sono tubes have a definate weight factor
> to contend with but fiberglass tubes you say exist?
> Can you tell us more?
Not much more than I have said: public or private lights poles, tapered
or strait, windsurf masts etc. IN brief many tubular-hollow sections
are being created with special machines that dump the threads in
polyester, wipe the excess, and braid the filaments around a mandrel.
Some large tubes exist as well although I am not familiar with the USA
market I would assume they exist. Grain storage and other agricultural
goods are also stored in fiberglass cylunders (not tubes really)

Take a look around and you will find lots of industrial supplies meant
for G. knows what that make invaluable toys for us bricoleurs.

Check on the web or yellow pages for fiberglass manufacturers.