Re: [baidarka] David Zimmerly's kayak plans

Jeffrey G Woodall (
Fri, 15 May 1998 12:51:21 EDT

Subject: Re: [baidarka] David Zimmerly's kayak plans
From: (Jeffrey G Woodall)
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:51:21 EDT

Hi There!

Its great to have finally found an online baidarka building forum!

Like perhaps many of you, I've become intrigued with building a
traditional skin kayak after having read Wolfgang Brinck'swell written
and informative book. However, further investigations have turned up
deveral variations in the frame's construction (as well as skin options)
and I'd really like to explore some of these. In particular, I'm trying
to obtain David Zimmerly's aleutian kayak plans. I've seen links to these
on several web sites but the've all led to "File not Found" messages. Any
ideas? Ideal format would be an AutoCAD file.

Also, I came across a 1993 Scientific American video which shows a
computer model of a baidarka, used to illustrate the frame flex and the
use of ivory inlays between the forward deck stringer and deck beams(and
maybe other parts?) to facilitate this flexure. I found no mention of
these in Brinck's book and was wondering how necessary they are or if
they simply reduce some of the wear.

Finally, I'm leaning towards using ballistic nylon as the boat's covering
and was wondering what kind of waterproofing to use. I'm shooting for a
translucent look - Corey Freeman of Spirit Line Kayaks is using something
like this - a urathane maybe?

Look forward to hearing from you all and thanks in advance!


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