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Hello All,

Passed on for your information in case you want to show the skin boat flag
at an event. Some crossover here in the skills area.


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Subject: Canoe & Traditional Small Craft Day

Hi Ron - Here's the info about the Canoe & Traditional Small Craft Day. I
will look forward to your info. Thanks, Deb Williams, Hulbert Outdoor
Center, Fairlee, Vermont

Canoe & Traditional Small Craft Day on Lake Fairlee, Saturday, May 30

Hulbert Outdoor Center's Canoe and Traditional Small Craft Day on Saturday,
May 30, 1997 is a great way to celebrate warm weather, open water, and the
beginning of the paddling season. This day of skill demonstrations,
workshops, activities and displays offers something for paddlers of all
ages and abilities. Traditional small boat owners are encouraged to bring
their boats! Or try out one of the many different types and brands of canoes
that will be available. Paddling, poling, portaging, campsite techniques,
wood and canvas canoe building, birchbark canoe building, tumping and
flycasting demonstrations will take place throughout the day. General
admittance fee $3, kids under 10 - $1. Bring your used boat and equipment
for sale or swap. The event will take place at Camp Aloha Hive, Lake Fairlee
on Rt. 244 in Fairlee. Hulbert Outdoor Center is a non-profit
environmental/outdoor education center located in Fairlee, VT. For more
information, a listing of events or to register for specialized workshops,
such as paddlemaking & poling, please contact Hulbert Outdoor Center, RR 1,
Box 91A, Fairlee, VT 05045

CONTACT PERSON: Deb Williams (802) 333-3405, Fax (802) 333-3404

Bowdoin, Maine, USA