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Tue, 26 May 1998 19:26:23 -0700

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Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 19:26:23 -0700
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Subject: Re: [baidarka] Snow Roof System

To Laurie Thanks a lot,Steve Yahn

At 05:29 PM 5/26/98 +0000, you wrote:
>stephen wrote:
>> Has anyone had experience with Snow Roof System? It seems to be an
>> aliphatic
>> urethane but just doesn't say exactly what it is. It has a rubbery
>> undercoat
>> with 1000% stretch but no UV protection. And an White overcoat With UV
>> protection but a little less stretch. They both clean up with water
>> and say
>> they have no oder. Undercoat is 25$ per gal and topcoat is $20. Not
>> too bad.
>> I entend to use 10 oz. cotton canvas duck.
>> Cheers Steve Yahn
>Since no-one has experience with Snow-Coat on canvas, I will tell what I
>know in how I have used it before...
>I have a travel trailer that I have used this product on for the last 4
>years. It has absolutely no fume problem. I did not wear any kind of
>respiratory protection and have never felt the need for any. The first
>application on the 18 year old aluminum roof lasted for 3 seasons. I
>live at the 4,000 foot level in the northern Sierra Nevadas. We get up
>to 4 feet of snow at a time, hail, tons of rain in the past El Nino
>years, and 95 degree summers.
>At the end of the third season, the Snow-Coat (it was the one that is
>bookmarked in another post today. Sorry if the name is wrong.) was
>chipping badly. I have thought of using this product on a canvas cover
>for a yurt, but my concern was that I was interested in transporting the
>yurt at times. My fear was that the Snow-Coat would not be pliable
>enough to withstand some folding necessary to transport. I did think
>that it would work just fine on a stationary yurt cover, but never tried
>it. In fact, one manufacturer of canvas outdoor domes suggests applying
>Snow-Coat to the canvas as a waterproofing agent.
>Two questions I would have with this product are:
>1) Will it be able to withstand the slight buckling necessary?
>My guess is yes if we are talking about a non-folding kayak.
>2) What do you do to the canvas when the Snow-Coat finally begins to
>pock? Re-canvas? Find something to remove the old Snow-Coat and then
>I hope this helps.
>At the price and for the low toxicity, I may give it a try.
>Laurie Flood
>My guess would be for 2 undercoats with the gray and one overcoat with
>the white. The gray definitely has more give and more applicability.
>Gray alone maybe.
>Also, very important!
>Do not store this anywhere it will get cold. It must be kept in your
>house where it will stay warm. If you let it get too cold while in
>storage, it will separate and become useless. I learned the hard way.