RE: [baidarka] Kayak Covering

Subject: RE: [baidarka] Kayak Covering
From: Paul Raymond (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 18:10:02 EDT

I use 18oz Coverlight pvc fabric from Mauritzon, the same stuff Tom Yost
uses at $5 a yard. I am just finishing up a Dyson single with it. Have yet
to sew up around the tubes sticking up in front, and then just tape up the
seams using strips of the same material and HH-66 cement.

If you want uncoated stuff just order it from Dyson.

You should use proven materials if you are not sure if the Fucia colored
nylon is adequate.

>I have found a source of a Fucia colored 12 oz nylon. It has a very thin
>urethane (sp?) backing. I can get it for $5.75 a yard. The role is 60
>inches wide. Is this material suitable for covering my kayak?
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