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Subject: Re: [baidarka] Glues
From: Ryan McNabb (
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 23:24:09 EST

Read Larry Pardey's "Classic Boat Construction". In the back there's a long
appendix regarding epoxies and their poor performance in wet and salt water
environments. Interesting reading. Resorcinol glues are truly waterproof
and truly impervious to salt and immersion, but they don't have the
marketing budget of the epoxy industry.

Just thought it was interesting.

Ryan McNabb

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Subject: RE: [baidarka] Glues

> < I am not sure I trust epoxy after what I've read
> < about it in several boat building books.
> I'm surprised to hear doubts about the use of epoxy as a boatbuilding
> glue...Admittedly, the 5 minute kind you get in the twin tubes in the
> hardware store isn't waterproof, and all epoxies are very toxic (one
> assume this is true of all adhesives); but nowadays you can hardly even
> other kinds of glue at boatbuilding supply shops, except for specialty
> fillers like Sikaflex.
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