Courtesy of Gina Cicotello

What's a baidarka?

Courtesy of Gina Cicotello

This list mostly died in 2007 after problems with the mail server dropped the subscribers once too often. The archive is still a valuable resource today because at one time it was a very active list.

The purpose of this list is to share information regarding skin/frame watercraft. Initially this list was dedicated to discussing baidarka, the traditional kayaks used by the native people on the northwest coast of North America. This list has been opened up to welcome discussion of any traditionally based skin/frame watercraft, e.g. corracles, greenland style kayaks, and umiaks. Most traffic relates to baidarkas, but discussions of other traditional watercraft is welcome.

The traffic on this mailing list is highly variable, ranging from no traffic for several weeks to up to a dozen messages in one day.

Courtesy of Ron Curtiss