Thirty-three years of Twenty Boats

Bob Hicks of Messing About in Boats magazine has provided this index to the Fawcett publications serial Twenty Boat Plans. It is also known as Twenty Boats You Can Build.

Many visitors to this page have a copy of one of these old books, or are looking for a particular plan. Visit the Comments Page to share your thoughts with other visitors. Also, the Clark Craft website has a lot of older plans. Another place to check is Toad Hall, they have reprinted many old plans and books on boatbuilding.

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#1 1st Edition Copyright date 1933

1.Gannet 24' Ford Powered Cruiser
by Chas. Hall
2.Dorothy 24' Aux. Cruiser
by John Hanna
3.Buddy 18' Aux. Cruiser
by Sam Rabl
4.Katusha 19' TB Stern drive
by Weston Farmer
5.Scram 15-1/2' Ford Powered Runabout
by Weston Farmer
6.Hydrobout 40 mph hydroplane
by A. E. Doane
7.Whizzer Airdrive-scow type
by Weston Farmer
8.Punkin Seed 11' OB hydroplane
by Jim Dawson
9.Wink 14' IB hydroplane
by Weston Farmer
10.Mayfay 14' OB hydroplane
by Weston Farmer
11.Sez You 8' OB Sled type bottom
by Weston Farmer
12.All Sorts 10' Four Boats in One Sailboat-Ice Boat
by Weston Farmer
13.Miss Modern Mechanix 11' OB hydroplane
by Howard Holbrook
14.Tubby 12' Sailing Scow
by Sam Rabl
15.Olympic Monotype 12' Cat Centerboard
by E. B. Schock
16.Sea Skeeter 7 boy's boat
by A. Klust
17.Tar Baby 7' dinghy
by Walter Stewart
18.Bouncer 15' Fish Class Catboat
by Warren Miller
19.Kyack 15' Eskimo type
by Sam Rabl
20.Shingle 11-1/2' Auto Campers boat
by Klust and Kuns

#2 New Edition 1935

1.Little Bear Moth Class
by Merritt Green
2.Oriole 22' Cruiser
by Sam Rabl
3.Utility 17' Deep Sea Runabout
by Weston Farmer
4.Sunapee 22' Cruiser
by Carl Gage
5.Nomad All Purpose
by Sam Rabl
6.Pep Class 'C' OB Racer
by Sam Rabl
7.Sunray 15' Sloop
by Sam Rabl
8.Buzzer 14' OB Runabout
by E. E. Reed
9.Wanderboat OB Runabout or Cruiser
by Weston Farmer
10.Front Steerer Iceboat
by Julius Fanta
11.Lark, Jr. 13-1/2' OB Cruiser (child's)
by Robert Bosley
12.Canoe 15'
13.Slusher 15' Ice or Open Water Sail
by Walter Stewart
14.Cool Water Houseboat
15.Skedaddle 14' Simple OB
by Weston Farmer
16.Tiny midget OB Racer
by Edward Fitzgerald
17.Tahiti 30' Deep Sea Aux.
by John Hanna
18.Fold-Tight folding duckboat
by Weston Farmer
19.Tramp 11' TB launch
by Maurice Lonn
20.Wooden Shoes 1/2 hp novelty
by Weston Farmer

#3 Copyright 1937

1.Sea Jack 15' Knockabout
by Fanta & Sominer
2.Pirate Cabin Sharpie
by J. A. Emmett
3.Tinker Metal Sailing dinghy
by Brewer & Rolfe
4.Handy Andy OB, Sail or row
by Sam Rabl
5.Icicle Class C Iceboat
6.Foldster, folding OB
by Chester Sullivan
7.Zip 20' Class C Inland Lake Scow
by Fanta & Rolfe
8.Balboa 17-1/2' Pacific power dory
by Hi Sibley
9.Snubby 28' Houseboat
by La Crosse
10.Shark 15' racing sloop
by Fred Schnur
11.Sailing Scow 7' (children)
by Arthur Klust
12.Dorothy 24' Aux. Cruiser
by John Hanna
13.Scram 15-1/2' Ford powered runabout
by Weston Farmer
14.Skipper 12' Skiff
15.Five Dollar Boat, canvas over planking
16.Trailer Barge converts auto trailer into houseboat
by Williamson
17.Flying Cloud 27-1/2' Aux. Cruiser
by Sam Rabl
18.Surfboards (4)
by Paul Gartner
19.Pewee midget OB racer
20.Wimpy paddle wheel duckboat

#4 Copyright 1939

1.Polaris 25-1/2' Aux. Cruiser
by Sam Rabl
2.Kingfisher 20' raised deck Cruiser
by Sam Rabl
3.Silver Bird Air powered iceboat
by J. Fanta
4.Mercury Hudson River Iceboat
by J. Fanta
5.Ice-Sprite, 4 runner Iceboat
by J. Fanta
6.Cappy 20' Cabin Sloop
by Fanta & Sommer
7.Pneumatic Raft
by B. Brownold
8.Corky 18' Sloop
9.Kitty-Cat 16' Sailing Catamaran
by John Long
10.Little Giant 9' pram
by J. B. Temple
11.Tiny Bear, Jr. Moth (plywood)
by Fanta
12.Patty 8-1/2' Sailing Skiff
by Fanta
13.Scram II, 15-1/2' runabout
by Ernest Johnson
by D. VanHorn
15.Kayak, canvas
by Hi Sibley
16.Buzzer II, 14' OB
by Ernest Johnson
17.Skate 8' skiff
by Rolfe
18.Jiffy Skiff 5' simple (children)
19.Little Star 11' pram
by Sam Rabl
20.Sunray, Jr. National Triangle Sloop
by Sam Rabl

#5 Copyright 1940

1.Tahiti 30' deep sea Aux.
by J. Hanna
2.Pixie 20' plywood Aux.
by Sam Rabl
3.Pirate Too 17-1/2' Flattie Aux.
by Emmett
4.Sea Rover 24' Roundbottom keel sloop
by Fanta
5.Barbara-Q 15' V-bottom OB
by Ed Waldron
6.Honker 13' OB hunting skiff
by Fanta
7.Slim 14' light OB skiff
by Waldron
8.Jitterbug 17-1/2' Cabin sloop (keel)
by Hi Sibley
9.Naomi 22' Hooper Island Crabber
by Sam Rabl
10.Plover 15' knockabout
11.Meow 12' plywood Cat
by Ernest Johnson
12.Modern Pirogue 14' hunting boat
by Harries
13.Midge 7-1/2' plywood dingy
by Sam Rabl
14.Mountain Lake 12' plywood skiff
by Sibley
15.Barney Barnegat Bay Sneakbox
16.Scram III 15' plywood runabout
by Weston Farmer
17.Balboa 17-1/2' Pacific power dory
by Sibley
18.Aqua Scooter Sailing Surfboard
by Roland Hill
19.Parosa 16' plywood Kynoe
by Sam Rabl
20.Popeye 36' model racing Sloop
by Eisinger

#6 Copyright 1940

1.Bonnie 18' Plywood Cabin Sloop
by Roland Cueva
2.Dorette 14' New England Dory
by Sam Rabl
3.Coot 22' Cabin Sharpie
by J. Emmett
4.Crawfish Class C Iceboat
by E. A. Doty
5.Gypsy 15' Strip-built Canoe
6.Snorky 14' Scow Catboat
7.Panda 15, ILYA Cub
by J. J. Fanta
8.Stormy Petrel 26' Plywood Cruiser
by Sam Rabl
9.Zinky Dink 14' Steel Skiff
by Ken Murray
10.Pilgrim North Shore Aux. Sloop
by Hi Sibley
11.Wheelie Willie Simple Rowboat
by George Daniels
12.Loon 18' OB Garvey
by J. A. Emmett
13.Splinter Sailing Toothpick
14.Snuffy 11' Car Top Boat
by Wm. Jackson
15.Super Sunray Sun Class Sloop
by Sam Rabl
16.Flight 19-1/2' Plywood OB Cruiser
17.Zipper 20' Plywood Class C Inland Lake Scow
by Hammell & Rabl
18.Showboat 16' Miniature Stern Wheel
by Rolfe
19.Conga 12' Knockabout Sloop
by C. B. Dawes
20.Frosty 9' Sailing Dinghy
by J. J. Fanta

#7 Copyright 1942

1.Ella-Mae 17' OB Cruiser
2.Chip 7' Plywood Skiff
3.Sportster OB Runabout
4.Nor'wester Alaskan Kayak
by Hi Sibley
5.Tangierman 32' Skipjack
by J. A. Emmett
6.Pintail 15' Hunting & Fishing Boat
7.Ten-Foot Sailing Dinghy
by A. N. Youngquist
8.Poco Dinero 20' Aux. Cabin Sloop
by J. Hanna
9.Bingo 11' Plywood Sailing Dinghy
10.Broadbill 9-ton Tancook Schooner
by J. A. Emmett
11.Teal 10' All-metal Duckboat
by J. C. Coyle
12.Peetee 22-1/2' Raised-deck Cruiser
by Thomas & Rabl
13.Geodetic Kayak 10'
by Norman Mayer
14.Frisky 17' Knockabout Sloop
by J. Fanta
15.Flying Fisherman OB
by Wm. Jackson
16.Picaroon II 20' Plywood or Round bottom Aux.
by Sam Rabl
17.Pram 8' Plywood Dinghy
by Cueva
18.Bluefish 21' Utility
by Sam Rabl
19.Brenda 9' Strip Built Dinghy
20.Polar Bear l0 Metre Iceboat
by A. M. Youngquist

#8 Copyright 1943

1.Lightning Class Sloop 19'
by Sparkman & Stephens
2.Amigo 23' Raised-deck Cruiser
by J. Hanna
3.Cootie Craft 4' child's boat
4.Dolphin 24' Motor Sailer
by Wm. Jackson
5.Silas 15' Utility Skiff
by J. A. Emmett
6.Little Mae Too moth class sailboat
by R. Gintling
7.Confucius 17' Round bottom Cabin Sloop
by C. Borden
8.Sandy 18-1/2' Double ended Sharpie
9.Wrinkle Dinkie 8' Canvas child's Boat
by M. G. Fisk
10.Torpedo OB Super Runabout
by Wm. Jackson
11.Trailer Barge
12.Portable Ice Boat for Children
13.Seaward 30' Round bottom Cruiser
by J. J. Fanta
14.Jibe-Cat 16' Racing Sail Canoe
by J. A. Emmett
15.Paddle boards
by A. L. Brown
16.Plywood Proa 12'
by Hi Sibley
17.Spindrift 30' Skipjack Aux.
by J. A. Emmett
18.Tubby Pontoon Power
by Peter Clarke
19.Quad 4-Runner Iceboat
by J. J. Fanta
20.Swoopit Dining-room Dhow
by Geo. Daniels

#9 Copyright 1948

1.Corsair 42' Gloucester Schooner
by Chapelle
2.Comet 16' Plywood IB Runabout
3.Mallard 14' Plywood Duck Boat
4.Stubby 10' Plywood Dinghy
5.Flyer 12' V-Bottom Plywood OB
6.Victory 18' Plywood Sloop
by Wm. Crosby
7.Matey 8' Plywood dinghy
8.Skippy 9' Jr. Sailer
9.Flying Fisherman 11' OB
10.Frolic 11' Cat-rigged dinghy
11.Cruise-Mate 19' OB Cruiser
by Wm. Crosby
12.Jibe-Cat 16' racing Sail Canoe
by J. A. Emmett
13.Barnacle 11' Sectional Rowboat
14.Torpedo 13' OB racer
15.Handy Andy 13' power Scow
by Hi Sibley
16.Sinbad 29' Aux. Cutter
by Tim. Crosby
17.Snuffy 12' Car Top
18.Voyageur 28' Cruiser
19.Tern 18' Knockabout Sloop
by Robert Grath
20.Skylark 13' Plywood Skiff

#10 Copyright 1950

1.Bouncing Betty 11' lapstrake pram
2.Waif 14' Rowboat
3.Chessy 15' Chesapeake Skiff
by E. Tucker
4.Li' l Putt 8' OB racer
by J. G. Kingdon
5.Arrow 13' OB runabout
by Jack Williams
6.Arpeggio 18' OB Sedan
by C. Ungerbuehler
7.RFD Crackerbox IB
by D. Beach, Jr.
8.Spanker Class E racing runabout
by G. T. White
9.Ha' penny 18' OB Express Cruiser
by J. G. Kingdon
10.Gannet 24' 1933 Cruiser
by Chas Hall
11.Duckling 14' Row-Sail
by J. G. Kingdon
12.Little Injun 14' Sloop-
by Boardman Rising
13.Spooker 15' Sailing Paddleboard
by Wilson & Kimber
14.Snipe Class Sloop
by Wm. Crosby
15.Gamin 15' Cruising Knockabout
by Wm. Garden
16.Flying Dutchman 22' Dutch Style
by G. T. White
17.Dorena 26' Motorsailer
by Luther Tarbox
18.Barney Two 12' Barnegat Bay Sneakbox
19.Bambino 14' Louisiana pirogue
20.Minnehaha 15' Strip Plank Canoe

#11 Fawcett No. 111, Copyright 1950

1.LaPetite 7' Plywood Dinghy
2.Moppet 11-1/2' Car Top
by Jack Williams
3.Chum 13' rowboat
by A. Mason
4.Striper 15' Shoal-draft Utility
by A. Mason
5.Scud 14' fast OB
by A. Mason
6.Baby Blue 15' OB Utility
by L. Tarbox
7.Porpoise 15' Rough-water OB
by Sam Rabl
8.Banshee Z-class racing runabout
by D. Black
9.Restless 17' V-bottom Knockabout
by G. T. White
10.Vamoose Class B OB Hydroplane
by D. Beach
11.Sassy 21' rough-water IB runabout
by C. Ungerbuehler
12.Ishkoodah 25' IB Express Cruiser
by G. T. White
13.Barracuda 25' IB Cruiser
by L. Tarbox
14.Serene 27' IB Cruiser
by L. Tarbox
15.Tubby 12' Sailing Scow
by Sam Rabl
16.Crosby 16' racing sloop
by Wm. Crosby
17.Simple Simon 15' plywood air-cooled IB
18.Hans Brinker 16' Dutch
by G. T. White
19.Sandpiper 24' Flat Bottom Schooner
by Wm. Garden
20.Fold-Tight 11' folding duckboat
by Weston Farmer

#12 Fawcett No. 137, Copyright 1952

1.Mosquito Class B Utility Racer
by David Beech
2.Hot Foot 11' V-bottom Pram
by L. Tarbox
3.Riptide 13' OB Fishing Skiff
by R. Whittier
4.Merry Maid 15' plywood runabout
by C. Ungerbuehler
5.Happy Clam 17' Seabright Skiff
by John Atkin
6.Fontana 17-1/2' Utility Sedan IB
7.Whoosh 19' IB runabout
by C. Ungerbuehler
8.Caballero 19' OB Cruiser
by Ungerbuehler
9.Carin 25' Aux. Sloop
by A. Mason
10.Jiffy Skiff 5' child's boat
11.Midge 7-1/2' dinghy
12.Zinky Dink 14' Steel Skiff
by Ken Murray
13.Aquascooter Sailing Surfboard
by Rubin & Hill
14.Kitty-Cat 16' Sailing Catamaran
by John Long
15.Weekend boat plywood chum
by Bob Bob Brown
16.Imp 14' low power utility
by G. T. White
17.Frolic 11' Plywood Cat
by G. T. White
18.Aquaplane & Water Skis
by Bob Whittier
19.Converting Lifeboats to Yachts
20.Power Canoe IB air-cooled
by Hi Sibley

#13 Fawcett No. 211, Copyright 1953

1.Water Wagon 20' OB Houseboat
by Rube Allyn
2.Minnehaha 15' Strip Canoe
3.Mallard 14' Plywood Duckboat
4.Ranger gunning skiff sail
by Chapelle
5.Mule 14' Sailing Garvey
by Chapelle
6.Polliwog 18' cruising sailboat
by Wm. Garden
7.Striper 15' Shoal Draft IB Utility
by A. Mason
8.Vixen 21-1/2' IB runabout
by G. Meese
9.Matey 8' plywood dinghy
10.Chessy 15' Chesapeake Skiff
by E. Tucker
11.Ellenda 22-1/2' Sedan Cruiser
by N. Glassinan
12.Lily Pad 16-1/2' OB Garvey cruiser
by H. Mason
13.Waterman 19' Heavy Duty OB Cruiser
by Chapelle
14.Heron 24' Shoal Draft Cruiser
by Wm. Garden
15.Discovery 22' Topsail Cutter Flat Bottom
by Wm. Garden
16.Thistle 17' molded plywood sloop
by Soderberg
17.Southwind 22' dory-sharpie
by Chapelle
18.Jinx Class B Utility OB racer
by Harold Kelly
19.Arrow 13' fast OB runabout
by J. Williams
20.Sea Glider 11-1/2' OB
by Joe Adams

#14 Fawcett No. 294, Copyright 1955

1.Sailski 27' racing catamaran
by L. F. Herreshoff
2.Sea Bird 25' Seaworthy Cruiser
by T. F. Day
3.Snow Bird 11-1/2' Frostbite dinghy
4.Trade Winds 26' Cabin Sloop
by S. S. Crocker
5.Pint Size Class A OB Hydroplane
by D. D. Beach
6.Guppy 12-14' V-bottom OB
by A. Mason
7.Rocket 18' OB Convertible Cruiser
by Wm. Garden
8.Mehitabel 18' OB Plywood Cruiser
by D. Beech
9.Placida 30' pram bow Houseboat
by R. Steward
10.Grouper 17' round bottom launch
by A. Mason
11.Holiday 20' IB plywood runabout or cruiser
by Wm. Deed
12.and 13. Blackfish Tautog 22' round or V Express
by A. Mason
14.Squid 32' Cruiser
by Carter & Wittholz
15.Inland Clipper 31' Cruising Houseboat
by A. Mason
16.Pootzy 6-1/2' dinghy
by A. Mason
17.Susan 11' flatbottom rowboat
by R. Steward
18.Tadpole 11' plywood skiff
by Wm. Crosby
19.Double Paddle Canoe 16' plywood
by L. F. Herreshoff
20.Pup 12' dinghy
by Wm. Crosby

#15 Fawcett No. 362, Copyright 1958

1.Swell Time 13' OB runabout
by Bill Futrell
2.Apache 16' plywood OB runabout
by David Beech
3.The Thing 11' Plywood OB runabout
by Al Bayles
4.Bayou Belle 24' plywood pram OB Cruiser
by David Beech
5.Firefly 14' OB runabout
by John Brandimayr
6.Shoveller 13' duckboat
by Robert Steward
7.Silver Fin 200 plywood OB Day Boat
by A. Mason
8.Squall 14' fast runabout
by A. Mason
9.Mary Jane 17' round bottom IB launch
by R. Steward
10.Cobia 25-1/2' IB Day Cruiser Round-bottom
by R. Steward
11.Pod 15' plywood dory
by Gordon Hansen
12.Sabot 8' plywood Sailing Dinghy
13.Nereia Pram 8' lapstrake
by L. F. Herreshoff
14.Seal 16' Eskimo kayak
15.Bonnie II 18' plywood Aux. Sloop
by J. A. Donohue
16.Triton 19' day sailer
by R. Steward
17.King Kat bipod mast catamaran
by K. Vining
18.Garinita 20' sloop w/cuddy
by A. Mason
19.The H 28 28' round bottom Aux. Ketch
by L. F. Herreshoff
20.Ostkust 24' round bottom Aux. Sloop
by A. Mason

#16 Fawcett No. 433, Copyright 1959

1.Warrior 15' plywood OB runabout
by Wm. Futrell
2.Little Fellow 78" IB runabout for child
by R. Ruskauff
3.Rowboat 11' plywood rowboat
4.Airborne Class B OB runabout
by Hal Kelly
5.Madcap Class C, D and "36" runabout OB
6.Barnaby 16' OB cabin cruiser
by Henry Clark
7.Canvasback 12' kayak
by S. Calhoun Smith
8.Wide-a-Wake 15' family OB runabout
by Hal Kelly
9.Surfboard Sailer 10'
by Winton P. McMillen
10.Buzzard 9-1/2' Class A and B OB Hydro
by Hal Kelly
11.Ben Hur Class C and D OB Hydro Cab-over
12.Ellen Ann 10' runabout
by George and Robert Schleier
13.Spencer 23 23' OB or IB Cruiser
by J. Brandlmayr
14.Spencer 26 plywood cruiser
by J. Brandlmayr
15.Skiff 13-1/2' plywood
by Robert Whittier
16.Windmill 15-1/2' plywood sloop
by W. P. McMillen
17.Cougar English Catamaran
by G. Prout
18.Blue Fin 31' Steel Sport Cruiser
by A. Mason
19. Little Bubble 9' OB runabout
by Hank Clark
20.Skippy 11' plywood sailboat
by George Muir

#17 Fawcett No. 470, Copyright 1960

1.Chipmunk 14' OB Cruiser
by Henry Clark
2.Jet Cat 14' catamaran type OB
by Glen L. Witt
3.Sidewinder kids paddle wheel
by Hal Kelly
4.Wetback Class B and C OB Hydro
by Hal Kelly
5.Hustler 11' OB speedabout
by Henry Clark
6.Nugget 24' Trimaran
by Arthur Piver
7.Skimabout 17' fiberglass OB
by N. Zempel
8.Halcyon molded plywood hull
by Al Jetter
9.Foo-ling Class A or B OB
by Hal Kelly
10.Peanut 6' OB child runabout
by Henry Clark
11.Malahini 16' OB runabout
by Glen L. Witt
12.Lazybones 24' Round-bottom Aux. Sloop
by Donald H. Smith
13.Jupiter ABC Semi-cabover Hydro
by Hal Kelly
14.Peeper paddleboard with glass-bottom viewer
15.Frostfish 16-1/2' iceboat
by Cal Smith
16.L. Dorado 13' OB
by Glen L. Witt
17.Mist Miss 18' IB runabout
by Glen L. Witt
18.Pakedo 18' plywood OB overnighter
by Donald H. Smith
19.Bantam 14-1/2' Rhodes Bantam Class
20.Wanderer 23, OB Cruiser
by Donald H. Smith

#18 Copyright 1962

1.Hotei, 23' OB sedan cruiser
by Hal Kelly
2.Geronimo, 16' OB runabout
by Glen L. Witt
3.Thunderbird, 26' racing-cruising sloop
by Ben Seaborn
4.Houdini, ll' 6" sectional skiff
by Edwin Monk
5.Perky, 12' OB cruiser
by Henry Clark
6.Kingfish, 20' OB cruiser
by David Beach
7.Pogo, @4' paddle wheel boat
by Jimmy Tench (15 yrs. old)
8.Missile, 16' IB speedboat
by Glen L. Witt
9.Teena, 15' daysailer
by Edwin Monk
10.Corky, 8' plywood pram
by Henry Clark
11.L. Capitan, 17' IB runabout
by Glen L. Witt
12.Islander, 25' IB cabin cruiser
by Glen L. Witt
13.Sea Nymph, 16' OB runabout
by David Beach
14.Tuffy, 13' OB runabout
by Glen L. Witt
15.Silverfin, 20' daysailer
by C. P. and E. D. Burgess
16.Septa, 12' OB
by Robert & George Schleier
17.Shad, ll' 6î OB skiff
by Edwin Monk
18.Teslin, 23' John Boat
by John Lammers
19.Puddle (life raft). Details for oarlocks and plywood seat
by Mees Trussell
20.Restless, 30' cabin cruiser
by Donald H. Smith (carvel planked)

#19 Fawcett No. 576 Copyright 1964

1.Nimble 30' Schooner
by V. B. Crockett
2.Fun Fish 14' Sailboat
by Hal Kelly
3.Aqua Cat 18' 05 catamaran (cabin)
by Glen L. Witt
4.Plyak 11' plywood kayak
by David Jordan
5.Roamer 20' 05 Cruiser
by Henry Clark
6.First Mate 21' R & B Sloop
by V. B. Crockett
7.Alert 12' pram
by Hal Kelly
8.Marianne 28' Deluxe Houseboat
by Ted Benze
9.Ski Tow 14' plywood ski boat
by Glen L. Witt
10.Guppy 5' child's sailboat
by John Burroughs
11.Escape pontoon houseboat
by P. Whittall
12.Catfish pedal boat
by Hal Kelly
13.Turnabout kit sailboat
by George Gilbert
14.OK 9' Junior OB runabout
by Hal Kelly
15.Dreamer 18' OB Day Cruiser
by Edwin Monk
16.Ring-a-ding 7' plywood dinghy
by C. P. and E. D. Burgess
17.Waterwing 14' OB cabin cruiser
by Gene Edmonds
18.Pudgy 12' OB runabout
by Joseph Adams
19.Snapper lawnmower power hydro-kart
by Hal Kelly
20.Taffy deluxe OB runabout
by C. M. Ungerbuehler

#20 Fawcett No. 628, Copyright 1966

1.Thunderbolt 17' SK hull stern Mount Motor
by Glen L. Witt
2.Sea Explorer 27' Open Ketch
by Wm. Garden
3.Snowboat 15' Airdrive Water, Ice or Snow
by Joseph Adams
4.Sail Skimr 14' 125 hp Super Sail Board
by Donald Smith
5.Glen L. 13 plywood Cat
by Glen L. Witt
6.Rinky Dink plywood Simple Sloop
by Pete Smith
7.Scubadoo Skin diver' s electric sub
by Steiniger and Smith
8.Pelican 12' Plywood Sailing Pram
by Wm. Short
9.Fisherman 15' open water OB
by F. E. Strickland
10.Horizon 24' Aux. Sloop
by Peter J. Statile
11.Rebel 15' Skiboat
by Glen L. Witt
12.Gemini Cat 14' catamaran
by S. T. Betrosky
13.Can-Yak 12 or 14' plywood kayak
by Glen L. Witt
14.Dolphin 21' OB motor sailer
by David Beach
15.Gung Ho fast IB express cruiser
by Glen L. Witt
16.Chug-a-Tug 21' tugboat-like cruiser
by Donald H. Smith
17.New Hope inexpensive plywood Sail Pram
by Hal Kelly
18.Knockabout 14' inexpensive rowboat
by Don Shiner
19.Sportsman 13' OB runabout
by Edwin Monk
20.Sunbeam 11' beamy OB
by Edwin Monk