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Old Junk

H. M. Tomlinson


London: Andrew Melrose Ltd.
3 York Street, Covent Garden, W. C. 2

C. H. G. H.
who saw with me so much of what is
in this book
AUGUST 27th, 1918)


THESE stories of travel and chance have been selected from writings published in various periodicals between January 1907 and April 1918, and are arranged in order of time.


  1. I. The African Coast
  2. II. The Call
  3. III. Old Junk
  4. IV. Bed-Books and Night-Lights
  5. V. Transfiguration
  6. VI. The Pit Mouth
  7. VII. Initiation
  8. VIII.The Art of Writing
  9. IX. A First Impression
  10. X. The Derelict
  11. XI. The Voyage of the Mona
  12. XII. The Lascar's Walking-Stick
  13. XIII.The Extra Hand
  14. XIV. The Sou'-Wester
  15. XV. On Leave
  16. XVI. The Dunes
  17. XVII.Binding a Spell
  18. XVIII.A Division on the March
  19. XIX. Holly-Ho!
  20. XX. The Ruins
  21. XXI. Lent, 1918

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