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Waiting for Daylight

H. M. Tomlinson


Cassell and Company, Ltd.
London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne



  1. In Ypres
  2. A Raid Night
  3. Islands
  4. Travel Books
  5. Signs of Spring
  6. Prose Writing
  7. The Modern Mind
  8. Magazines
  9. The Marne
  10. Carlyle
  11. Holiday Reading
  12. An Autumn Morning
  13. News from the Front
  14. Authors and Soldiers
  15. Waiting for Daylight
  16. The Nobodies
  17. Bookworms
  18. Sailor Language
  19. Illusions
  20. Figure-Heads
  21. Economics
  22. Old Sunlight
  23. Ruskin
  24. The Reward of Virtue
  25. Great Statesmen
  26. Joy
  27. The Real Thing
  28. Literary Critics
  29. The South Downs
  30. Kipling
  31. A Devon Estuary
  32. Barbellion
  33. Breaking the Spell

When first published, the dust jacket contained the following message:

These delightful sketches, though traversed by the red thread of war, are a reflex of the mind of those cultured Englishmen who, while being in the war but not temperamentally of it, turned to Nature, Literature, and Art. The author writes from a full mind, and with the pen of an artist.

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