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A Thousand Miles
in the Rob Roy Canoe
on Rivers and Lakes of Europe

by J. MacGregor

M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge;
Captain of the Royal Canoe Club

With Numerous Illustrations and a Map

Nineteenth Edition

Sampson Low, Marston & Company Limited,
St. Dunstan's House,
Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E. C.
[All rights reserved.]

[1866,] 1892

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
    The Canoeist -- Other Modes -- The Rob Roy -- Handbook -- Hints -- The Dress -- The Role
  2. Chapter 2
    The Thames-- Flies-- Under Sail-- Porpoises-- A Noreaster-- Sailing on the Sea-- On the Meuse-- Barriers and Shallows-- Huy-- Gun-barrels-- Earl of Aberdeen-- A Drowning Boy-- Swimmers-- A Night Climb-- The Premier's Son-- Nothing to Pay-- A Day's Sail-- Down-hill-- Canoes and Cannons-- The Prince of Wales-- Alone again.
  3. Chapter 3
    Höllenthal Pass-- Lady Friends-- Night Music-- Manners-- Pontius Pilate-- A Schwartzwald Storm-- Starers-- The Singers-- Donaueschigen-- Banket-- An English Groom-- Waiterdom-- Source of the Danube-- Its Name.
  4. Chapter 4
    The Danube-- "Guten Tag"-- Canoe Pleasures-- All R-r-r-r-ight-- The Weed-- Shooting a Dam-- Day's Delights-- Toy Barrow-- Tuttlingen-- The Crowds-- The Monastery-- Melanie-- Tracts-- Monks' Cowls-- Distance Travelled-- Reflections--
  5. Chapter 5
    Panting Visitors-- Hohenzollern-- Roman Nose-- Herons in Council-- Among the Haymakers-- Boating Boy-- Winged Music-- Arched Chasms-- Hidden Song-- Navvies-- Different Dangers-- A Gale-- Hungry Nap-- Chasing a Church-- Snags in Darkness-- The Vagrant-- Classics-- Hotel Bills.
  6. Chapter 6
    Day-dream-- Ulm-- River Iller-- Bismarck's Besom-- Fredrickshafen-- Lake Constance-- Idiots-- A Wiseacre-- On Rhine again-- Goosewinged-- Sign speech-- Gasthaus-- With an Arab-- Water bewitched-- The Emperor-- How to Moor-- Grand Duchy again-- By the Moon-- The Idlers.
  7. Chapter 7
    Fog Picture-- Boy Soldiers-- Schaffhausen Falls-- Eating-- Bachelor's Fare-- Lake of Zurich-- Like a Dog-- Crinoline-- Spectator-- Lake of Zug-- Swiss Riflemen-- Mist Curtains-- Sailing-- Fishing Britons-- Flogging the Water-- Odd Britons-- Talk-books-- A Suggestion.
  8. Chapter 8
    Lake of Lucerne-- Seeburg Hotel-- Bonâ-fide Bite-- The Rapid Reuss-- Fair Friends-- Is it right?-- Caught by a Rope-- Barriers-- The Hard P1ace-- Din-- Headlong-- The Struggle-- Bremgarten.
  9. Chapter 9
    Hunger-- Music at the Mill-- Damsels-- Sentiment and Chops-- Buying Clothes-- The Snags-- Shooting a Fall-- Fixed-- An ex-Courier-- Log Bearings-- The Drowned Lord-- "Wasserfall"-- Cow and Canoe-- "Valtare Scote"-- "Man Preserver."
  10. Chapter 10
    A Field of Foam-- Precipice-- Puzzled-- Philosophy-- Rheinfelden Rapids-- Dazzled-- Jabbering-- Blissful Ignorance-- Astride-- Find a Way-- Very Salt-- Bright Lad-- German Friend-- The Whirlpool-- Cauliflower-- Bride and Baby-- "Squar."
  11. Chapter 11
    Which way?-- Music in Jungle-- Byron-- Drawbridges-- Gros Kembs Thunderer-- Thoroughly dull-- Fifty Locks-- The Bother at them-- Thoughts-- An odd Fish-- Night Notes-- Madame Nico-- Tedious-- Stared at-- The Lady Cow-- New Wine.
  12. Chapter 12
    River Thur-- Fire! Fire!-- Over the Vosges-- "Th"-- Popish Pilgrims-- Source of the Moselle-- Remiremont-- Launched on the Moselle-- Lovely Scenes-- The Paddle-- Spell-bound-- Washerwomen-- Graceful Salute-- Run away with-- Policemen.
  13. Chapter 13
    River Moselle-- The Tramp-- Battery of Blessings-- Halcyon-- Painted Woman-- Sad Loss-- Very Shabby-- In a Hedge-- A Discovery-- River Meurthe-- Flirting-- Ducks-- A Moving House-- A Mother's Tear-- Night Frolic-- Salt Mine-- Work for the Young.
  14. Chapter 14
    Luxuries-- Monks-- Camp at Chalons-- Inns of Court-- Widower-- Leaks-- Come to see a Smash-- Champagne-- The River Marne-- Name of my Wife-- Silence-- The Sun-- Rafts and Flocks-- Newspapers-- Millstones-- Hot Wind-- Old Soldier.
  15. Chapter 15
    Blacksmith-- Holy Water-- Quaint Questions-- Unprotected Female-- Grave Gazers-- Wrong Ways-- The Boys, the Boys-- Bends of the Marne-- Last Mooring-- The Seine-- Paris-- Home.

List of Illustrations

The map is a 138KB JPEG file. The rest are GIF89a files, size as listed. Page numbers are listed but not retained on the pages in our online edition.


The author's profits from the first and second edition were given to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and to the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society.


THIS is the log of a charming cruise in a small Canoe, designed by the writer. With her paddle and sails she traversed the following waters:--

The Rivers Thames, Sambre, Meuse, Rhine, Main, Danube, Reuss, Aar, Ill, Moselle, Meurthe, Marne, and Seine.

The Lakes Titisee, Constance, Unter See, Zurich, Zug, and Lucerne, together with six canals in Belgium and France, and two expeditions in the open sea of the British Channel.

The route on land led sometimes over mountains and through forests and plains, where the boat had to be carried or dragged.


[A Note on the Text]

Copy-text for this HTML edition is the 19th edition, title page as above, printed in 1892. The first edition was printed in 1866, so this must be the last edition printed before MacGregor died. Our copy-text suffered extensive water damage apparently incurred in the bilge of some small craft and so was difficult to OCR. The once-attractive illustrated cover is almost completely defaced. We later copied pages 33-48, and the appendix, missing from the 19th edition, from another edition, evidently the 5th, and with different pagination from the 19th. We must express many thanks to Broadway Books and the Derry Public Library, Derry, New Hampshire, for loan of the books, as well as St. Anselm College Library, Manchester, New Hampshire, where the 5th edition was kindly found by a computer search by John Mark Ockerbloom of Carnegie-Mellon University.

We have not modernized spelling or punctuation. Neither have we edited out the "Englander's" rank chauvinistic and frankly imperialistic remarks, which the editors hasten to say we certainly do not endorse. Some of the references to the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 must have been added after the 1866 edition. The engravings are not signed, but may be either by the author or based on his drawings. Page headings in the print edition (they differ between the 5th and 19th editions) are not retained in the online text, but are given in chapter headings, with links to the appropriate paragraphs.

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