Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 07:38:29 -0400
From: Dan Crabbe 
Organization: Crabbe Associates
Subject: Re: Barnegat Sneak-Box 

The 15 foot Sneak box is alive and well.  The boat has made a comeback
on Barnegat Bay and is raced regularly on Saturdays in the summer. My
wife and I sail one.  We usually get between eight to twelve racing at
one time.  I also race an E Scow.

If you ever get the erg to own one their are several around.

Your on line book is great.  I will pass this information on to the
local library.  My Grandmother was instrumental in starting the Bishop
Memorial Library in Toms River.  It now has been merged into the Ocean
County Library system. 

Best, Dan Crabbe

ps. If your interested I can give you some names of other sailors
interested in the Barnegat Bay Sneakbox. (We write Sneakbox as one word)