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Print your own Lawrence Panorama!

Peter Nurkse

HP has installed their new Photosmart Studio printers in stores in over 135 cities around the US, in 14 different states:

With a pair of JPEGs formatted for the Photosmart Studio 24x36 inch output, you can now get a 5 ft. wide copy of any of the 1906 panoramas on high quality 10 mil thick premium photo paper for $43 (the price at Longs Drug stores in Calif., other stores may vary). You have to print out the 5 ft. wide copy in two 24x36 sheets (each $21.50 at Longs), and then trim and tape them together on the back.

Sort of a landmark in history, that you can go into a drug store (or one of 50 Wal-Marts, even) and print out a genuine George Lawrence 1906 panorama 5 ft. wide, and collect it on your way out. And $43 for a 5 ft. wide photo quality panorama is a good price too.

I'm pretty confident that's the only way Lawrence will get his full recognition, when enough people can hold and see his work at the right size in front of them. No book or magazine or newspaper reproduction will do that.

Here are links to 23x36" photos by George Lawrence on this website: