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Cape Town PakYak

August 2000

Jonathan Abitz ( of Cape Town, South Africa sends us these photos of the first PakYak in S.A. Jonathan is currently doing his M.Sc in engineering - which has been on hold for a month due to the pakyak!



My family helping with the varnishing - thought they deserved a mention since I took over the house for about a month while building. Third photo is assembly after varnishing - not as straightforward as I would have thought.


To give some support to the gunwale assembly (side to the end gunwale) I put a large pop-rivet through the side gunwale (left picture) and drilled an over-sized hole in the folded flap of the end gunwale (middle picture). I found that cutting a notch at the end of wooden piece C gives the side stringers some extra support (right picture). It does make assembly slightly tricky though.

I used a PVC based canvas and glued the 2 halves together instead of sewing (special PVC glue used for rubber-ducks). Gluing became difficult towards the ends but result is super-watertight.



It floats! No where to go but happy it floats. Promise to send pics of deeper-water trials. There was a slight folding aft of the cockpit but not too bad considering the 90kg I'm carrying.