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March 2004

Dear Jim:

In February my family and I went to the south of Argentina by car in a round trip of 10,300 km (more than 6,400 miles). I believe that Pakyak is the only way to take a kayak with us on such a trip.

We visited the very far city of Ushuaia (Sorry, no pics) in Tierra del Fuego and then went to the magnificent glacier "Perito Moreno" in National Park "Los Glaciares".

One lake where I paddled is Lake Futalaufquen in the National Park. "Los Alerces" These first pictures were taken there.

My son Emilio (14) carriying the Pakyak.

Lucia (12) and I

In very clear water, both kids.

Paddling Lake Futalaufquen

In Lake Mascardi (N.P." Nahuel Huapi"), patching the skin.

In Lake Lacar.

I took these next photos in National Park "Los Glaciares".

Unpacking in front of Glacier Perito Moreno.

A very short ride on lake Argentino

These were only a few of many, many lakes of Patagonia. I hope You will like them.

Best Regards

Carlos Martinez