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Rob North tells of the launch
October 1999

Huzzah Huzzah! The launch was a great success. The boat worked nicely. Very entertaining. Our whole lab came, as well as my girlfriend. We took video, digital pix, and maybe a photograph or two...

Just click on the image to see a full-size picture.

Just after the boat was christened Schnellboot, German for fastboat.

I'm getting my balance, my buddies (John on the left, Paul on the right) are getting ready to save me! Paul and John look like Batman and Robin "Come on Robin, we've got to save Rob!
Good shots of the back of the boat.

Me giving a wave...

Looks like it works in deep water too!

Good picture of the whole boat.

Me ending a 25 minute run on the water.

An overhead picture of the seat that goes over the stringers.
There is also a step that assists entry, placed over the stringers
like the seat...