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Robert North and Paul Klimah build a Pak Yak!

September 1999

Robert is the first person to send in photos of a frame built from the on-line plans. The dark wood finish shows off the metal pieces clearly. Notice the row of pictures that focus on design changes. Robert and Paul have been experimenting, so you won't find these changes in Jim's drawings. Robert's email is

Atfer making the skin, and a few more changes this PakYak is ready for the water! Check out the launch day photos here.


The first set is my assembled and folded Yak:

Frame, folded

Side view


End view
Here are pictures that focus on design changes in my Yak:

Center Strap

Center Brace

Mid Squares
And finally here are pics that focus on the gunwales and a portrait:

End Gunwale


Robert and Paul


Center Strap - There is no buckle assembly. The 1 inch wide tubular webbings are grommeted to the side gunwales. A smoothed 1 inch by 3 inch 1/8th thick aluminum shim is 'swallowed' by the tubular (not flat) webbing. The shim is secured by stitching. A 2 & 1/2 inch to 3 inch piece of 1/8 inch diameter climbing cord (cotton cord at any hardware store is also acceptable) is looped through the webbing and stitched into place. During assembly this loop is secured by the center brace support (version 4.1). Measure carefully to make these loops taught and benefit from additional tension.

Center Brace - The center brace bracket is a little different. The photo is bad, but I wanted to show there is no nut. I tapped the aluminum and wood and drove a 10/32 flathead screw through. Then the aluminum and wood was clamped and glued. The thread was permanantly locked into the bracket also. That is how it's a little different...

Mid Brace Squares - My brace squares float over the screws on the brace side of the braces. This modification eliminates riveting and trimming the angle squaring braces. One drawback: the top midbrace squares need to be notched 1/4" to allow the stringer notch to pass through. The floating design works on the end braces too.

End Gunwale - Four securing straps are used instead of two. The two additional straps provide additional security and are used to eliminate the aluminum to wood snaps on the mid braces. The side gunwales use an end tab of 1 & 1/2 inches providing great stability, but do not allow the use of midbrace to end gunwale snaps (the tab gets in the way.). Four straps help alleviate this shortfall.