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Paulina Lake, Oregon

Summer 1999

These pictures where taken at Paulina Lake, in Newberry Caldera, south of Bend, Oregon. Paulina Lake is a crater lake, at about 7000 ft elevation. Pauliina Peak is nearly 8000 ft, I took the first shots of the lake from there.

The intrepid wilderness explorer in my PakYak is Dave Clark. In the first three shots (where he's wearing long pants and a jersey) he was getting his sea legs: his first time in the PakYak (or kayak of any kind, he's an old canoer). I took those from the dock. The rest (where he's wearing shorts and a jacket and looking more relaxed) were taken from my other PakYak after we got out on the lake. Dave is bigger than me, about 6', 190 lbs, so he fills up the cockpit more than I do.

There is a 7.4 mile foot trail around the shore of the lake. I figure we went about 4 miles on the water that day. It is a beautiful lake. The water is very clear.

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