2007 PakYak Update

Looks like Jim Heter is working on a new design, apparently inspired by the possibility of using aluminum, rather than plywood stringers. No decision yet on whether Jim plans to make and sell the boats, kits, or plans. Drop him a note at JimHeter@gmail.com with your interests.

Here's how Jim describes the new design:

I got in touch with an aluminum distributor and they had the foundry run 500 pounds through a 1x1/2 inch extrusion die for me.

So I now have enough aluminum stringer material on hand for about 50 PakYaks! More than enough for me, so I can offer some to anyone else who wants some. Anyone who is interested can send me an email and we can work out a deal. I'm figuring $1 per foot plus shipping.

The other shots are the new boat. The way it folds now allowed me to shorten the overall length to ten feet, but of course I can make it longer. Notice the way the open frame allows more leg room, and the built in skirt flaps add extra freeboard height.

Jim writes: "Here's one pic of my PakYaks on the shore of Sequim Bay up in Washington. We like to start them young."