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United States Maritime Commission C1, C1-M, and P Type Ships

C1 Type
The C1 types were the smallest of the 3 original types designed by the United States Maritime Commission and were intended to be used on routes that did not call for fast ships. 173 were built between 1940 and 1945. Both the  C1-A and  C1-B were built with either steam geared turbine or diesel motors.

U.S. Maritime Commission photo of SS Reuben Tipton Launched December 1940 Federal Ship Building and Drydock, Kearny, N.J. Torpedoed October 23, 1942


 C1-B (Full scantling)
Length overall 417.75 feet
Beam 60 feet
Depth 37.5 feet

27.5 feet

Gross tons 6,750
Deadweight tons, steam 7,815
Deadweight tons, motor 8,015
Speed 14 knots


... other ships snipped ...

Alcoa Pathfinder, completed as; laid down as Cape May (I), C1-B
Alcoa Partner, C1-B renamed Auriga (AK 98)
Alcoa Patriot, C1-B (transport 1,175 troops)
Alcoa Pegasus, C1-B
Alcoa Pennant, C1-B
Alcoa Pilgrim (I), C1-B
Alcoa Pilgrim (II), C1-B
Alcoa Pioneer, C1-B
Alcoa Planter, C1-B
Alcoa Pointer, C1-B
Alcoa Polaris, C1-B, (transport 1,163 troops)
Alcoa Prospector, completed as; laid down as Cape Ann (I); C1-B
Alcoa Puritan (I), C1-B
Alcoa Puritan (II), C1-B