Target Kites on


I have seen a steady stream of Target Kites on eBay over the last few years. Some are faded, some are torn, some are missing vital wooden pieces, but one was still in the original box! Once in a while a manual shows up. Usually they have a Japanese Zero on them, but the German FW-190 shows up sometimes too.

By examining the photos in my "gallery" of completed auctions you can get a feel for what's out there.

When bidding, be aware that some sellers think their kite is complete when it is not. If the photos are not clear enough to see for yourself, be sure to ask for more details. The information elsewhere on this website about the kite construction should be helpful in knowing what to ask.

Typically the sky blue color has faded and the Dacron fabric has some holes, in some cases, bullet holes! On the ones I have seen in person, the fabric was somewhat brittle, but did not feel like it would be easily torn; no doubt this varies with the manner in which it was stored.

NOTE: I have been told that eBay viewers in Germany are unable to see certain WW2-related items.


eBay retains completed auctions for a short period, but items in my gallery don't expire.