Juan Miguel Suay Belenguer

I have received the following email from Spain. Juan is the first person to report building a replica target kite from the information on this website!

Wed, 6 Apr 2005

From: Juan Miguel Suay Belenguer jm_suay@yahoo.com

I am a Spanish specialist in historical kites. Here are eleven pictures of a reproduction of the U. S. Navy Target Kite Mark I, that I have made with the plans that are on your web site.

In the VIII Valencia international Kite Festival (Spain), that was celebrated on April 2 and 3, I tried to fly the naval kite, but the wind was slow and I could not fly it.

I hope that I can fly it, if so I will send you a picture in flight!

Juan Miguel Suay Belenguer
Ingeniero Superior Industrial
D.E.A. Historia de la Ciencia
Espaņa - Spain - Espagne

And then in April 2006 Juan sent me more pictures, this time from the IX Valencia International Kite Festival, April 22-23, 2006. The last three pictures below are from that event.


See also Juan's interesting postcard collection showing Delta-Coyne kites used for target practice.