A Trio of Target Kites

May 2002

Mike McMullen, a kite collector here in North Carolina, showed me his collection of Garber
Target Kites. Notice his "Gibson Girl" down in the corner on the left. What a collection!
I have more photos of the rest of Mike's collection.

Click on any picture to enlarge

Mike's has three different Target Kites. Two appear to be FW-190's, and of course the Zero in the middle. I was able to move the Zero out for closer inspection. (Note: the prints of the two FW-190's have different wing insignia, as well as other small differences.)

Here are close-ups of the front and back of the kite.

Here are the rudders on each of the three kites. Notice the two different styles. The Navy Manual shows the style in the left photo, the patent drawing shows the style in the middle and right photos.

Here is a view of the back of the Zero showing the slot into which the rudder fits, and another of the front.