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30 October 1944

From:Lieut. Comdr. P. E. Garber
To:Captain Luis de Florez
Via:Lieutenant S.E. Homsey
Subj:Target Kite Reel MK 2 - Project Request for.

1. Although the experience with the Target Kite has confirmed, in general, the technical features and functional elements of the standard reel, there are some locations where a lighter and simpler device would be applicable.

2. The recent report from the Armed Guard unit which experienced failure in launching kites from the deck because of a down-draft on the lee side of a high-sided ship, plus the interference of overhead rigging, a certain dexterity is required to get the kite clear. A lighter reel might be the answer. The standard large reel has advantages which, once mastered, lead to greatest facility of control, yet a lighter reel might serve as a primary instruction device as well as being more applicable to special conditions.

3. Permission if, therefore, requested to devote a reasonable time to the development of this lighter reel, and, following its test and use by the engineer, a limited number can be distributed to units using the target kite. Their reports will serve to indicate whether the type should be added to out stock of kite equipment.

4. The method of handling the Mark 2 reel would be similar to that used for the Drum type of Flying Bar, which is well described in the second edition of the manual. This reel embodies the addition of a winding crank and grip-brake to the bar.

5. Enclosure shows details of construction.

P.E. Garber,

Lieut. Comdr., USNR

Device Number suggested: 3C-29-1.