Rudder design experiments

At the Historical Kite Weekend in Switzerland (April 2013) Scott Skinner of the Drachen Foundation displayed some interesting targetkite rudders.

Here is Scott's description:

These were rudders from Paul Garber's personal collection. They apparently span the full life of the Target Kite and its development as there are obvious prototypes and then the variety of what look to be operational designs. More specific information is lost, however, it is very interesting to see the many variations and to imagine how well or poorly many of them must have performed.
Click on any image below to open a bigger picture in a new window. If you look closely you will see some compenents that made it into the two Target Kite manuals. If you wander through my eBay gallery, you see other variations that made it into production.

Special thanks to Detlef Griese for sending me the photos!