Gary Resnick's Website

Gary Resnick had this nice webpage on his target kite and the sailor who brought it home! I have preserved it here:
I picked up this kite from an estate sale. Stenciled on the skin are the words "U.S.S. Allendale, APA 127" and "Wilkins W. W., U.S. Navy."

What I know:

Seaman 2nd class Walter William Wilkins was a navy gunner assigned to the U.S.S. Allendale durring the last years of the war and that the Allendale survived a kamikaze attack.

What I suspect:

Wilkins was introduced to the target kite durring gunnery training.

What I don't know:

If Wilkins actually flew the kite for the navy durring the war or if the kites were ever flown from the Allendale.

What I would like to think:

That it was Walter Wilkins' training with the target kite that saved the Allendale from that kamikaze attack.