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through April 8, 1992

Agriculture Building (Raleigh) 06/16/76
Andrews-Duncan House (Raleigh) 01/20/72
Boylan Heights (Historic District) (Raleigh) 07/29/85
Briggs Hardware Building (Raleigh) 10/25/73
Cameron Park (Historic District)(Raleigh) 07/29/85
Capehart House (Raleigh) 01/17/75
Capital Club Building (Raleigh) 12/05/85
Capital Area Historic District (Raleigh) 04/15/78
Christ Church (NHL) (Raleigh) 07/28/70
Josephus Daniels House (Federal Nom) (NHL) (Raleigh) 12/08/76
Dix Hill (Raleigh)11/07/90
Dodd-Hinsdale House (Raleigh) 11/12/72
J. S. Dorton Arena (Raleigh) 04/11/73
East Raleigh-South Park Historic District (Raleigh) 10/11/90
Elmwood (Raleigh) 10/29/75
Estey Hall (Shaw University) (Raleigh) 05/25/73
Falls of the Neuse Manufacturing Company (Raleigh) 09/19/83
Federal Building (Century Post Office) (Raleigh) 05/06/72
Glenwood (Historic District) (Raleigh) 07/29/85
Hawkins-Hartness House (Raleigh) 02/01/72
Haywood Hall (Raleigh) 07/28/70
Richard B. Haywood House (Raleigh) 07/28/70
Heck-Andrews House (Raleigh) 01/20/72
The Heck Houses (Raleigh) 04/13/73
Isabelle Bowen Henderson House and Gardens (Raleigh) 08/07/89
Crabtree Jones House (Raleigh 06/04/73
Lane-Bennett House RELISTED 06/30/83 (Raleigh)08/22/77
Joel Lane House (Wakefields) (Raleigh) 07/28/70
Lewis-Smith House (Raleigh 12/11/72
Lumsden-Boone Building (Raleigh) 09/08/83
Marshall-Harris-Richardson House (Raleigh) 03/06/86
Masonic Temple Building (Raleigh) 05/03/84
Old Masonic Temple Building (Raleigh) 09/17/79
Merrimon House (Raleigh) 09/05/75
Montford Hall (Raleigh) 03/08/78
Moore Square Historic District (Raleigh) 08/03/85
Mordecai House (Raleigh) 06/01/70
N.C. State Fair Commercial and Education Buildings (Raleigh)06/05/87
Norburn Terrace (Raleigh) 02/01/80
North Carolina Executive Mansion (Raleigh) 02/26/70
North Carolina School for the Blind and Deaf Dormitory (Raleigh)08/11/76
North Carolina State Capitol (NHL) (Raleigh) 02/26/70
Oakwood Historic District (Raleigh) 06/25/74
Oakwood Historic District, Oakwood North Amendment (Raleigh)01/09/89
Oakwood Historic District, Linden Avenue Amendment (Raleigh)10/21/87
Oakwood Historic District, Oakwood South Amendment (Raleigh)10/21/87
Peace College Main Building (Raleigh) 06/19/73
Pilot Mill (Raleigh) 06/05/89
Leonidas L. Polk (Raleigh) 04/13/77
Professional Building (Raleigh) 09/08/83
Pullen Park Carousel (Raleigh) 09/08/76
Raleigh Water Tower (AIA Tower) (Raleigh) 12/16/71
Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel (Raleigh) 08/11/78
Rogers-Bagley-Daniels-Pegues House (Raleigh) 03/21/79
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Company Office Building (Raleigh)02/08/71
Spring Hill (Theophilus Hunter House) (Raleigh) 12/29/83
St. Augustine's College Campus (Historic District) (Raleigh)03/28/80
St. Mary's Chapel (Raleigh) 11/20/70
St. Mary's College (Historic District) (Raleigh) 12/19/78
St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Raleigh) 11/05/87
State Bank of North Carolina (Raleigh) 06/01/70
Tucker Carriage House (Raleigh) 02/13/75
White-Holman House (Raleigh) 04/16/71
Leonidas R. Wyatt House (Raleigh) 07/05/90

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