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through April 8, 1992

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E. B. Bain Water Works (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Blount Street Historic District (Raleigh) 09/08/77
Boylan Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Budleigh Service Station (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Cameron Court Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Cameron Park Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Caraleigh Mill Village (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Catholic Orphanage Dormitory and Holy Name Church (Raleigh)07/14/77
Chavis Heights (Raleigh) 10/10/91
City Cemetery (Raleigh) 04/06/75
College Park Historic District (Raleigh) 07/13/89
Commerce Building (Raleigh) 10/10/91
William H. Deitrick House (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Durham Insurance Building (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Fincastle Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company Building (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Five Points Neighborhoods Historic Districts (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Five Points Neighborhoods Historic District (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Gibbons ESSO Service Station (Raleigh) 10/10/91
G. F. Goodrich Rubber Company (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Grosvenor Garden Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Gulf Refining Co. Bulk Plant (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Halifax Court (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Hubert Benbury Haywood House (Raleigh) 07/11/91
Hillyer Memorial Christian Church (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Hungry Neck-Idlewild Historic District (Raleigh) 07/13/89
Andrew Johnson Birthplace (Raleigh) 09/19/69
Mary Elizabeth Hospital (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Method Historic District (Raleigh) 07/13/89
Mordecai Historic District (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Governor Morehead School District (Raleigh) 01/31/85
Harry Moser House (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Nazareth Historic District (Raleigh) 07/13/89
Negro School for Blind and Deaf (Former YMCA) (Raleigh) 07/14/77
Norfolk and Southern Freight Depot and Cotton Platform (Raleigh)10/10/91
North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station (Raleigh) 10/10/91
North Carolina State Fairground Keeper's House (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Oberlin Historic District (Raleigh) 07/13/89
Old Fourth Ward Historic District (Raleigh) 07/13/89
Fred A. Olds School (Raleigh) 10/10/91
V. Otis Parker House (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Pitysmont (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Raleigh Cotton Mill (Raleigh) 05/06/75
Raleigh National Cemetery (Federal Nom.) NEVER LISTED (Raleigh)
Raleigh Building (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Raleigh Water Works (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Raleigh Nehi Bottling Works (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Raleigh Hosiery Company (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Raleigh Bonded Warehouse (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Raleigh Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Sion Roberts House (Raleigh) 07/11/91
Seaboard Railway Station (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Simpson Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
St. Mary's Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Tatton Hall (Raleigh) 07/14/77
John W. Thompson House (Raleigh) 10/10/91
U. S. Rubber Company (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Wake County Home (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Washington Elementary School (Raleigh) 10/10/91
West Jones Street Railroad District (Raleigh) 10/10/91
Wilmont Apartments (Raleigh) 10/10/91

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