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Alexander Road (1700 bl)Bloomsbury
Alexander Road (2000 - 2200 bl)Vanguard Park
Amtrak Railway Station320 W. Cabarrus Street
Anderson Drive (2700-2900 bl)Anderson Heights/Fallon Park
Arlington StreetHayes Barton Terrace
Ashby, George M. House124 St. Mary's Street
Ashe AvenueCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Askew-Taylor Paints110 Glenwood Avenue
Avon DriveVanguard Park
W. Aycock StreetRoanoke Park
B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company311-313 W. Martin Street
Bagwell AvenueFairmont
Baker, William P. House3201 Clark Avenue
Ball, J. G. Co. warehouse320 W. Davie Street
Banbury RoadBudleigh
Barbee, J. M. School1116 N. Blount Street
Bartmettler StreetForest Hills
Bedford Avenue (2700, 2800 bl)Fairmont
Bedford Avenue (3200 bl)Wilmont
Beechridge Road 2421, 2501Anderson Heights/Fallon Park
Benjamin StreetOakdale
Berkshire StreetBudleigh
Bickett BoulevardRoanoke Park
Blake StreetOld Downtown
N. Bloodworth StreetOakdale
N. Blount StreetMordecai
Blue Star Grocery Store416 W. South Street
Blue Tower Restaurant605 Hillsborough Street
Bluff StreetCaraleigh
Booker, W. Frank House2604 Hillsborough Street
Boomhour, J. Gregory House3402 Hillsborough Street
Boylan Apartments753 Hillsborough Street
N. Boylan AvenueOld Northwest Quadrant
S. Boylan AvenueCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Boylan's Inc.200 S. West Street
Breeze RoadBloomsbury
Brogden Produce Co.409 W. Martin Street
Brooks Avenue (l00-500 bl)Fairmont
Brooks Avenue (600-1100 bl)Forest Hills
Broom & Mattress Shop220 N. Dawson Street
Brown, Buckner B. House620 N. Boylan Avenue
Bunn, Julian W. House908 Williamson Drive
Burt DriveCollege View
Burton StreetRoanoke Park
Byrd StreetBloomsbury
Byrum Lumber Company outbuildings730 W. Hargett Street
E. Cabarrus StreetOld Downtown
W. Cabarrus StreetOld Downtown
Cambridge RoadBudleigh
Cameron Court Apartments783 Hillsborough Street
Cameron Park Apartments1215 Hillsborough Street
Cameron Street, 1900Cameron Village Shopping Center
Cameron Village Shopping1900 Cameron Street Center
Cannon, D. Franklin, Jr. House2201 White Oak Road
Canterbury Road (900 block)Forest Hills
Canterbury Road (1600, 1700 blocks)Budleigh
Capital BoulevardGeorgetown
Capital City Telephone Company121 W. Morgan Street
Caraleigh Baptist Church1400 Green Street
Carlton AvenueCollege View
Carolina Country Club2500 Glenwood Avenue
Carolina Power & Light Car Barn116 N. West Street
Carolina Power & Light Generating Plt. 513 - 515 W. Jones St.
Carolina Storage & Distributing Co.324 W. Lane Street
Carolina Washboard Co.737 W. Hargett Street
Carr StreetHayes Barton
Carroll DriveVanguard Park
Carson StreetGeorgetown
Castleberry, Baxter S. Filling Station227 South Person Street
Caswell Office Building200 W. Jones Street
Caswell StreetHayes Barton
Catalano, Eduardo House1467 Ridge Road
Center RoadGeorgetown
Chamberlain StreetFairmont
Char-Grill618 Hillsborough Street
Chavis Heights700 S. Haywood Street
Cherokee DriveRoanoke Park
Chester RoadBudleigh
Church StreetWatson Park
Churchill Road, 3211Waugh House
The CircleBloomsbury
Claremont RoadAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Clarendon CrescentLongview Gardens
Clark Avenue (2300-2700 bl)Fairmont
Clark Avenue (3200-3500 bl)Wilmont
Clement's Service Station530 S. Salisbury Street
Coleman StreetWatson Park
College Grill2420 Hillsborough Street
College View Tourist Inn2306 Hillsborough Street
Collegeview AvenueCollege View
Collins, Orren J. House407 N. Boylan Avenue
Collins, Sylvester A. House411 N. Boylan Avenue
Colonial RoadHayes Barton Terrace
Combs, Joseph J. House1101 Harvey Street
Commerce Building19 W. Hargett Street
Commerce PlaceOld Downtown
Commercial block501 - 517 Hillsborough Street
Cooleemee DriveAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Cooper Apartments17 Glenwood Avenue
Cotton Classing Building225 N. McDowell Street
Country Club DriveBloomsbury
Courtland DriveMordecai
Cowper Drive (800-1200 bl)Hayes Barton
Cowper Drive (2100 bl)Bloomsbury
Cox AvenueCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Craig Street (1600 bl)Hayes Barton
Craig Street (1800, 1900 bl)Hayes Barton Terrace
Crenshaw, William P. House1809 Glenn Avenue
Crest RoadCollege View
Creston RoadBloomsbury
Cromwell RoadBudleigh
Curfman StreetFuller Heights
Daisy StreetWilmont
Daladams StreetFuller Heights
Daniels, Jonathan W. House1540 Caswell Street
Darden, J. M. & Co., Inc.126 Glenwood Avenue
Dare StreetRoanoke Park
W. Davie StreetOld Downtown
N. Dawson StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
S. Dawson StreetOld Downtown
Deitrick, William H. House1900 McDonald Lane
Derby, William M. House621 Brooks Avenue
Dexter PlaceCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Diehl StreetHayes Barton Terrace
Dillon, Grover L. House1918 St. Mary's Street
Dixie Trail (0-200 bl even Nos)Fairmont
Dixie Trail (300-700 bl odd Nos)Forest Hills
Dixie Trail (0-700 bl odd Nos)Wilmont
Doughton StreetRoanoke Park
Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant416 S. Dawson Street
Duffy PlaceFuller Heights
Duncan StreetRoanoke Park
Durham Insurance Building334-336 Fayetteville St.
Economy Cleaners407 W. Peace Street
Edenton StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
Edwards & Broughton Printers107 W. Hargett Street
Ellington, D. Donald, Jr. House307 Furches Street
Ellington, Delma D. House900 W. Morgan Street
Ellington, W. Jefferson House864 W. Morgan Street
Emanuel, Judah L. House2200 Beechridge Road
Enterprise StreetFairmont
Eton RoadBudleigh
Everett AvenueFairmont
Exeter CircleBudleigh
Fadum, Nancy House3056 Granville Drive
Faircloth StreetWilmont
Fairview Road (1500-1800 bl)Roanoke Park
Fairview Road (2000-2400 bl odd nos) Hayes Barton
Fairview Road (2000-2400 bl even nos) Bloomsbury
Fairview Road (2500 block odd numbers) Hayes Barton Terrace
Fairview Road (2600, 2700 blocks)Budleigh
Fallon Oaks CourtVanguard Park
Farmer, Rev. James S. House202 Ashe Avenue
Fayetteville Street (100-300 bl)Old Downtown
Fayetteville Street (1400-1800 bl even nos)Caraleigh
Ferndell LaneFairmont
Fincastle Apartments3109 Hillsborough Street
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company201 W. Martin Street
First Federal Building300 S. Salisbury Street
Flat Iron Building1801 Glenwood Avenue
Fleming, Jacob H. House700 W. Jones Street
Flint PlaceCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Foreman's House851 Tryon Street
Fouraker, Raymond S. House601 Brooks Avenue
Frank StreetOakdale
Fuller StreetFuller Heights
Fulton, Bentley B. House2730 Van Dyke Avenue
Furches StreetWilmont
Gardner Street (100 block)Fairmont
Gardner Street (500 block)Forest Hills
Garrison, Robert H. House914 Vance Street
Gaston StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
Georgetown RoadGeorgetown
Gibbon's Esso Service Station623 Hillsborough Street
Gibson, Milton R. House1116 Cowper Drive
Gibson, William H. Building327 W. Morgan Street
Gilbert StreetCaraleigh
Gilford Apartments610 Willard Place
Glascock StreetOakdale
Glenn AvenueHayes Barton
Glenwood Avenue (0-10 block)Cox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Glenwood Avenue (0 - 600 bl)Old Northwest Quadrant
Glenwood Avenue (1500 - 1600 bleven numbers) Roanoke Park
Glenwood Avenue(1500 - 1600 bl odd numbers) Hayes Barton
Glenwood Avenue (1800 - 2100 bl) Bloomsbury
Godwin, Clarence I. House803 Holt Drive
Gorman StreetCollege View
Governor J. Melville Broughton House929 Holt Drive
Grady, Charles Grocers801 W. Morgan Street
Granville Drive, 3056Fadum House
Granville Drive, 3060Kamphoefner House
Green, Robert L. House712 W. North Street
Green StreetCaraleigh
Greenleaf StreetCollege View
Greenwood DriveRoanoke Park
Grissom StreetFuller Heights
Grosvenor Gardens Apartments1101 Hillsborough Street
Gulf Refining Bulk Plant warehouse1930 Wake Forest Road
Hales RoadBloomsbury
Halifax CourtHalifax Court Apartments
Hall PlaceWilmont
Hanover StreetRoanoke Park
Harding StreetOakdale
Hardison, Joseph H. House915 Holt Drive
E. Hargett StreetOld Downtown
W. Hargett Street (0-100 bl)Old Downtown
W. Hargett Street (700, 800 bl)Cox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
N. Harrington StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
S. Harrington StreetOld Downtown
Harris, Harwell H. House122 - 124 Cox Avenue
Hart Apartments 11 - 13 Glenwood Avenue
Harvey Street (500 - 700 bl)Roanoke Park
Harvey Street (900 - 1100 bl)Hayes Barton
Hayes Barton Baptist Church1800 Glenwood Avenue
Hayes Barton United Methodist Church 2209 Fairview Road
Hayes, Samuel J. House208 Bickett Boulevard
Haywood Building205 Fayetteville Street
S. Haywood Street, 700Chavis Heights
Hazelwood DriveAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Henderson StreetCollege Crest
Hicks, Henry T. House327 Hillsborough Street
Hillsboro Manor Boarding House1115 Hillsborough Street
Hillsborough Street(200 - 700 bl even numbers)Old Northwest Quadrant
Hillsborough Street (200 - 500 bl odd numbers)Old Downtown
Hillsborough Street (600 - 1200 bl odd numbers)Cox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Hillsborough Street (2300 - 2600 bl even numbers)Fairmont
Hillsborough Street (3000 - 3900 bl odd numbers)College Crest
Hillsborough Street (3000 - 3900 bl even numbers)Wilmont
Hillyer Memorial Christian Church710 Hillsborough Street
Hilton StreetGeorgetown
Holden StreetOakdale
Holt DriveHayes Barton
Hoover Buick118 W. Hargett Street
Hope StreetFairmont
Horne StreetFairmont
Howell, H. Clarence House908 Vance Street
Howell, Wiley A.303 Park Avenue
Hudson StreetVanguard Park
Iredell DriveHayes Barton
Irene Apartments7 - 9 Glenwood Avenue
Iseley, George A. House1601 St. Mary's Street
Jarvis Street (1400 bl)Hayes Barton Terrace
Jarvis Street (1500 - 1700 bl)Hayes Barton
Johnson and Johnson Co. warehouse306 S. West Street
Johnson, Clarence A. House109 N. Boylan Avenue
W. Johnson StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
W. Jones StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
Jordan, Walter E. House902 Brooks Avenue
Jordan, Walter E. House2600 Mayview Drive
Joslyn Apartments705 W. Morgan Street
Joyner's Texaco Filling Station431 S. McDowell Street
Kamphoefner, Henry House3060 Granville Drive
Kelford StreetCollege View
Kennedy, Levi P. House115 N. Boylan Avenue
Kilgore AvenueFairmont
Kimbrough StreetGeorgetown
King Charles RoadLongview Gardens
Kittrell DriveAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Lake Boone Trail, 310Small House
Lake Wheeler RoadFuller Heights
W. Lane StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
Lawrence, Benjamin House1021 Cowper Drive
Lawyers Building320 S. Salisbury Street
E. Lenoir Street (800 bl)Watson Park
W. Lenoir Street (100 bl)Old Downtown
Lewis Circle .Budleigh
Lincoln Theatre126 E. Cabarrus Street
Little, Mary House602 W. Morgan Street
Lochmore DriveAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Logan CourtFairmont
London DriveBudleigh
Lord Ashley RoadLongview Gardens
Lord Berkely RoadLongview Gardens
MacCarthy, D. Edward House2400 Fairview Road
Maiden LaneFairmont
Marcom StreetCollege View
W. Martin StreetOld Downtown
Mary Elizabeth Hospital1100 Wake Forest Road
Matsumoto, George House821 Runnymede Road
Maupin, Alfred M. House3512 Clark Avenue
Mayview DriveForest Hills
Maywood AvenueCaraleigh
McCarthy StreetVanguard Park
McCrory's Store230 Fayetteville Street
McDonald LaneHayes Barton Terrace
N. McDowell StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
S. McDowell StreetOld Downtown
McGinnis- Bagwell House931 Vance Street
Melrose Knitting Mill Company301 W. North Street
Merriman AvenueWilmont
Methodist Home for Children buildings (2)Fletcher Park
Middleton Rooming House201 Hillsborough Street
Mitchell, Joseph H. House710 W. North Street
Montgomery StreetWilmont
Montrose StreetCaraleigh
Mordecai DriveMordecai
W. Morgan Street (100, 300, 500 bl) Old Downtown
W. Morgan Street (700 - 900 bl)Cox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Moring StreetCaraleigh
Morrison AvenueRoanoke Park
Moser, Harry W. House509 Dixie Trail
Myrtle AvenueBloomsbury
N.C. Agricultural Experiment Station 2714 Vanderbilt Avenue
N.C. Equipment Company3101 Hillsborough Street
N.C. School Book Depository, Inc.811 W. Hargett Street
N.C. State Fairground Keeper's House 2501 Everett Street
NSRR Cotton Platform327 W. Davie Street
NSRR Freight & Passenger Depot518 W. Jones Street
Nash DriveRoanoke Park
Neil StreetCollege Crest
New Bern AvenueLongview Gardens
Nicholson, George and Sarah House210 Faircloth Street
W. North StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
Oberlin RoadHayes Barton Terrace
Olds, Fred A. Elementary School204 Dixie Trail
Old Wake Forest RoadMordecai
Overbrook DriveAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Oxford Hills DriveVanguard Park
Oxford RoadVanguard Park
Pace StreetOakdale
Pantops StreetCaraleigh
Park AvenueCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Parker, Linus M. House820 Cowper Drive
Parker, V. Otis House809 Rosemont Avenue
Pashal, George W., Jr. House3334 Alamance Road
W. Peace StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
W. Peace Street, 1020Raleigh Apartments
Penny, Willard S. House113 N. Boylan Avenue
Perry StreetRoanoke Park
Pershing RoadGeorgetown
S. Person StreetOld Downtown
Phillips Apartments102 Logan Court
Phillips Apartments700 - 704 W. Morgan Street
Pine DriveVanguard Park
Pine State Creamery Company426 Glenwood Avenue
Pineview StreetHayes Barton Terrace
Pitysmont2822 Van Dyke Avenue
Pogue StreetFairmont
Poindexter, Dabney T. House119 N. Boylan Avenue
Poland, George House3120 Arrow Drive
Pollock PlaceWilmont
Poplar StreetMordecai
Potomac ParkHayes Barton
Price, William S. House2311 Byrd Street
Progressive Lithographic Company324 Commerce Place
Prospect AvenueCaraleigh
Quarry StreetWatson Park
Raleigh Apartments1020 W. Peace Street
Raleigh Bonded Warehouse, Inc.1505 Capital Boulevard
Raleigh Building5 W. Hargett Street
Raleigh Electric Company120 W. Lenoir Street
Raleigh Hosiery Company801 W. Hargett Street
Raleigh Nehi Bottling Company3210 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh Oil Mill & Fertilizer Co.406 - 412 W. Davie Street
Raleigh Water Works Co.1810 Fayetteville Street
Reaves DriveVanguard Park
Reaves StreetGeorgetown
Reid StreetHayes Barton
Ridge Road, 1467Catalano House
Ridley StreetGeorgetown
Roast Grill7 S. West Street
Rosedale AvenueForest Hills
Rosemary StreetCollege Crest
Rosemont AvenueForest Hills
Rothstein, Philip House912 Williamson Drive
Royster StreetAnderson Heights/Fallon Park
Ruffin StreetWilmont
Ruffin, Thomas W. House1001 Harvey Street
Runnymede Road, 821Matsumoto House
Russos, Gus Cleaners122 W. Martin Street
St. Mary's Apartments8 St. Mary's Street
St. Mary's Street (0 - 400 bl)Old Northwest Quadrant
St. Mary's Street (1500 - 2000 bl)Hayes Barton
St. Mary's Street (2100, 2200 bl)Bloomsbury
St. Saviour's Episcopal Church616 Tucker Street
St. Saviour's Rectory618 Tucker Street
S.Salisbury StreetOld Downtown
Sasser StreetOakdale
S. Saunders Street (1200 bl)Fuller Heights
S. Saunders Street (1400 - 1600bl even numbers) Caraleigh
Saunders Street Pharmacy & other shops 309 - 315 Glenwood Avenue
Scales Street Roanoke Park
Semart Drive Old Northwest Quadrant
Seventh Day Adventist Church 208 St. Mary's Street
Shepherd Street Wilmont
Shore, Clarence A. House 404 W. Whitaker Mill Road
Shore, Clarence A. Laboratory of Hygiene 214 W. Jones Street
Simpson Apartments 2402 Clark Avenue
Small, G. Milton and Associatesoffice 105 Brooks Avenue
Small, G. Milton House310 Lake Boone Trail
W. South StreetOld Downtown
Southern States Roofing Company303 N. West Street
Stafford AvenueFairmont
Stanhope StreetCollege Crest
State Department of Revenue warehous225 W. Lane Street
State StreetWatson Park
State Textbook Commission warehouse 215 W. Lane Street
Staudt's Bakery1201 Hillsborough Street
Stone StreetHayes Barton
Stovall DriveCollege View
Strickland's Service Station501 W. Peace Street
Strother-McRary House404 S. Dawson Street
Summit AvenueCaraleigh
Sunrise Avenue (even numbers)Georgetown
Sunrise Avenue (odd numbers)Roanoke Park
Sunset Drive (1900 bl even numbers) Vanguard Park
Sunset Drive (1900 bl odd numbers)Bloomsbury
Sycamore StreetMordecai
Tatton Hall1625 Oberlin Road
Taylor, John T. House2301 White Oak Road
Taylor StreetCollege Crest
Temple Beth Or610 Hillsborough Street
Thompson, Elizabeth House1001 Cowper Drive
Thompson, John W. House1117 Hillsborough Street
Thompson StreetCaraleigh
Townsend Apartments128 N. Harrington Street
Tryon StreetCox-Morgan-Ashe Avenues
Tubercular Sanatorium513 E. Whitaker Mill Road
Tucker StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
Turner, Mamie C. House110 Brooks Avenue
Turner StreetCollege Crest
U.S. Rubber Company307 - 309 W. Martin Street
Underwood, Myrtle Elementary School 1614 Glenwood Avenue
Union Seed & Fertilizer Company310 - 314 S. Harrington Street
Vance StreetHayes Barton
Vanderbilt AvenueFairmont
Van Dyke AvenueForest Hills
Varsity DriveCollege View
Vaughan, Lillian L. House11 Enterprise Street
Wake County Department of Social Services Building201 W. Davie Street
Wake County Home401 E. Whitaker Mill Road
Wake Forest Road (800 - 1500 blocks) Oakdale
Wake Forest Road, 1930Georgetown
Walker StreetCaraleigh
Warner Memorials, Inc.3911 Hillsborough Street
Watauga StreetOakdale
Waugh, Edward W. House3211 Churchill Road
Westminster Presbyterian Church301 E. Whitaker Mill Road
West Morgan Service Station501 W. Morgan Street
N. West StreetOld Northwest Quadrant
S. West StreetOld Downtown
E. Whitaker Mill Road (100 - 300 bl odd numbers)Vanguard Park
E. Whitaker Mill Road (100 - 700 bl) Georgetown
W. Whitaker Mill Road (100 - 500 bl odd numbers)Roanoke Park
W. Whitaker Mill Road (100 - 300 bl even numbers)Vanguard Park
W. Whitaker Mill Road, 404Bloomsbury
White Dairy Products Co.861 W. Morgan Street
White, Howard House1525 Carr Street
White Memorial Presbyterian Church1704 Oberlin Road
White Oak Road (1800 bl even, 1800 - 2300 bl odd)Bloomsbury
Wiggs Grocery Company201 N. Harrington Street
Willard PlaceOld Northwest Quadrant
Williams, Alfred Jr., House901 Holt Drive
Williams, H. Page House1015 Brooks Avenue
Williams, Truman G. House910 Harvey Street
Williamson Drive (800, 900 bl)Hayes Barton
Williamson Drive, 912Rothstein House
Williamson Drive (1200, 1300 bl)Hayes Barton Terrace
Wills AvenueRoanoke Park
S. Wilmington StreetOld Downtown
Wilmont Apartments3200 Hillsborough Street
Wilmont Service Station3120 Hillsborough Street
Wilshire AvenueHayes Barton Terrace
Winston, Hubert W. House302 Park Avenue
Womble, John M. House122 St. Mary's Street
Woodell, Grover B. House211 N. Harrington Street
Woodland AvenueBloomsbury
York, C. V. House1002 Cowper Drive

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