[baidarka] Pumping more water

Kirk Olsen (kolsen@imagelan.com)
Fri, 1 May 1998 08:55:59 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 08:55:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kirk Olsen <kolsen@imagelan.com>
To: baidarka <baidarka@lists.intelenet.net>
Subject: [baidarka] Pumping more water

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From: Philip Wylie <pjwylie@planet.eon.net>
Subject: [Fwd: [Paddlewise] Pumping more water]

Last month I wrote Laurie Ford in Australia (he is associated
with the Tasmanian kayaker group) and queried him on
their use of electric bilge pumps.

Having forgotten his reply to me, I had been shopping the
other day and came across a 'RULE 1100' Electric Bilge Pump
for around $53.00 Canadian, and about the same for a
6 amp/12V. gel battery. This seems a good price for such
a valuable investment in equipment that can pump me out at
a rate of 18-1/2 gallons per minute or 1100 gallons per hour.
In bad seas with a flooded hull you would be out of
the cold and trouble in a hurry with both your hands and
feet free to brace and paddle as required.

I understand that the Matsuyuker kayakers (from Tasmania all use
them with valued success) and Peter Carter's Voyageur kayak
uses electric bilge pumps as well. Anyway, here is
a quote received from Laurie Ford whom I deem to be an expert:

"As for electric pumps - in the last 20 years there is only one type
that I
would recommend, and I have tried out several others. The RULE 500 (used
be 400) is the only one that never gives any trouble. Others have had
impeller disintegrate, or the housing develop leaks.
The gel battery most of us use is 6AH, 12v - but this would depend on
whether you are mainly into day trips or 2 week trips.
If you only intend day paddles, then a 2AH would be sufficient -
and some commercial kayaks come out fitted with these.
But for a 2 week trip (or longer) use the 6AH version.
The RULE 500 draws about 2 amp when running, and will empty a full
cockpit in a couple of minutes - and in theory you could have the
pump running for over 3 hours continuously.

I hope this info is of value.

Best Regards,

Philip Wylie

We are equipping our four Dyson 5.6M Baidarka's with them and have
placed our order for four pumps and four batteries.