Re:[baidarka] Dyson progress??

Philip Wylie (
Sun, 03 May 1998 11:26:16 -0600

Date: 	Sun, 03 May 1998 11:26:16 -0600
From: Philip Wylie <>
Subject: Re:[baidarka] Dyson progress??

Well Wayne I just wanted to say that our hull stringers
are all finished.

Na! Just kidding! They will be a consideration though.
The company we contracted out the cutting and hole punching
overlooked perforating the necessary holes in the verticle
stern plate, so we had to take them back and get them
finished. Simple process for them (abrasive water jet cutting)
I think they screwed up because of a software or programing
error on their part but they made good. I counter sunk
all the holes and now it looks really good and capable
of lashing the strings to when the time comes.
I don't know if I wouldn't consider using a laser cutting
service, if I were to do this again for a next time.
Tolerances of cutting were pretty accurate though.

Bent the horizontal bow plate to conform to the curve
of the verticle bifercated bow plate. I have to mill
l/8 slots to insert the locking tabs which run along
the edge of the bow plate and are to fit into the
matching slot holes of the horizontal bow plate.
We errored in making proper allowance here because
the plans originally allowed for 1//16 slots and tabs.
Our metal is 1/8th 6061-T6 alum. plate and of course
the tabs that were cut were 1/8th thick and will not
fit 1/16 slots. Simple error.

We will however be bending the stingers and keel shortly
so we just might catch you on this one boat. We will see.
The Edmonton Oilers/ Colorado Avalanch hockey series
is interfering with construction but that's ok. Go Oilers
go! Lord Stanly must be smiling upon us for the cup just
might be ours once again. %^)



wayne steffens wrote:
> At 06:04 PM 4/28/98 -0600, Philip wrote:
> >Well, it is a race with Wayne Stephens so I guess
> >you have joined in Kirk (I can see you paddling
> >hard up my stern) I better watch my 6.
> Tell you what. I'll race you to completion of the hull stringers, then I
> give up. You'll probably still beat me.
> Got my keelson all scarfed and lashed, tailpiece shaped. She's got a
> backbone now. It's amazing how strong the lashed keelson is. It looks a lot
> like a boat now. I sure wish it could swim
> Anyone know what happened to Eric Von Kleist? He was building the family of
> baidarkas and was posting regularly, then he just vanished without a trace.
> I tried to email him and it bounced back. Maybe he got canned for using his
> work email account for baidarka too often. ;-)
> Well, I'll use his signature file then. That ought to wake him up if he's
> lurking.
> Wayne
> In memory of Eric, one of the many baidarka builders throughout the ages
> who vanished before completion:
> We pray for one last landing
> On the globe that gave us birth,
> To rest our eyes on the fleecy skies
> And the cool green hills of Earth.