[baidarka] spring willow and zippers

wayne steffens (wsteffen@skypoint.com)
Tue, 05 May 1998 17:12:36 -0500

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Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 17:12:36 -0500
To: baidarka@lists.intelenet.net
From: wayne steffens <wsteffen@skypoint.com>
Subject: [baidarka] spring willow and zippers

I have discovered the joy of peeling spring willow. It sure is a well, a
joy. But the woood sure is fragile. I brought enough willow to the shop
Sunday to finish the last four ribs on either end, with plenty to spare, or
so I thought. But I ended up only getting one end done before I ran out.
The stuff was sooo soft, and more often than not it kinked while I tried to
make the tight bend needed at the ends. So tonite I try again. I cut a
different species of willow this time which seems a tad stronger.

I've decided that my favorite part of making this boat is lashing stuff
together. I love lashing stuff.

Why hasnt anyone made a zippered skin for their boat, or are they keeping
it secret? Philip, you seem to have multiple technologies at your
disposal-how about it? It would sure make life a lot easier for the rest of
us with finicky wood frames that might need adjusting now and then. Ive
never seen a folding boat-are they zipped?