Re: [baidarka] waterproofing canvas

George Privett (
Mon, 18 May 1998 10:47:40 -8:00

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From: "George Privett" <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 10:47:40 -8:00
Subject: Re: [baidarka] waterproofing canvas

Hi Len,

I tried an experiment this weekend.

I took a piece of cotton fabrique painted it with a solution of
paint thinner and exterior silicone calking. It dried in a couple of
hour and completely overnight. It is soft and flexible and

I made a thin solution for the first coat, and thicker solution for
the second and third coat.

The underside is not coated, but I suppose it could be.

If you use just one thin coat it is water repellent but you can pool
water on it and squeeze droplets through the cloth.

> hello folks i have a question ,i an making a spray skirt for my kayak {the
> cockpit is a rather odd shape so a comercially made one wont do }can anyone
> reccomend a waterproofing technique that is both effective and non toxic{as
> im going to be wearing it i obviously dont want it to be poisonous} im going
> to use either cotton duck or nylon depending on recomendations i recieve but
> im already leaning towards cotton thanks in advance
> len

G Privett, Whitehorse, Yukon