Re: [baidarka] Baidarka floatation and stuff

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Mon, 18 May 1998 08:23:52 -0400

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Subject: Re: [baidarka] Baidarka floatation and stuff
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 08:23:52 -0400

For flotation there are several methods I have used. If you are going to do
any long trips a couple of large Stow Floats by Voyager have been very
successful. On a baidarka I found you need the larger sizes for bow and
stern. When you order make sure you tell them you want attachment loops on
both ends. Last order they didn't put them on as a general rule anymore and
you had to special order them. Without the loops you have a hard time
getting them out of the boat.

For day trips smaller float bags do well or you can do what I have been
doing lately. Get four bags from inside the wine in a box. Each is 5 liters
for a total of 20 liters. Easy to inflate and store and provide plenty of
flotation. Add some duct tape and you can turn one into a great paddle

Without a pulley system any bags except the wine bags are impossible to get
fully inserted and are harder to get out. You can buy non-corroding pulleys
at any marine store. Rather expensive. I use chrome eyes screwed to the bow
and stern plates and the line slips through easily. Make sure to put
stopper knots so that they can't pull through. A butterfly loop works very
well at the end and in the middle.

I went though this at great lengths with all sorts of blocks and hooks. I
now sew a loop through the fabric and attach all of my deck bungie cords
and deck lines this way. Not had any problem with pulling through. I use
polyester fabric.

> From: Philip Wylie <>
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> Subject: [baidarka] Baidarka floatation and stuff
> Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 6:15 PM
> I would like to learn what would be recommended for
> internal floatation for our Dyson 5.60 Baidarka?
> Would solid foam block be recommended, or dual gear
> floatation storage bags, or bags of foam peanut
> chips, or discarded wine bags?
> Secondly, would a pully system be recommended for
> gear storage over a push pull hook stick? If so
> what are some of the pully methods employed?
> Thirdly, for deck fittings and lashing what is
> regarded as the best method for securing bungie cords
> and tie downs? Someone mentioned the use of s hooks
> secured underneath (especially for rigging sail lines)
> Your help is most appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Philip Wylie
> I presume everyone not building is out paddling.