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Subject: RE: [baidarka] New Member with questions
From: Bruce C. Anderson (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 11:30:22 EDT

Howdy Dick

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> Subject: Re: [baidarka] New Member with questions
> could (as an extra safeguard) melt the bit of thread that
> protrudes from the last hitch using a soldering iron and
> flatten the molten polyester onto the knot. That
> way you're certain the ends will stay where they are.

I did something similar, I used a lighter to melt the polyester into a small
ball on the ends of the threads, for the same reason. I melted the thread
about 12mm from the ends to keep from burning the lashings.

> Do'nt worry, your boat looks fine,


See Ya

Have Fun

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