Re: [baidarka] New Member with questions

Subject: Re: [baidarka] New Member with questions
From: dick van Zanten (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 04:06:55 EDT

HI Bruce,

I wouldn't worry on the lashings all that much. Even though I have only built one skin-on-frame baidarka, I tie knots professionally as a surgery assistant
everyday. what is really important in tying knots is that the tension is kept on the threads while tying. since you are tensioning a series of loops using the hitches,
the loops act as a spring system keeping the hitches under tension. This means that as long as the end of the thread doesn't work loose the knot will hold. You
could (as an extra safeguard) melt the bit of thread that protrudes from the last hitch using a soldering iron and flatten the molten polyester onto the knot. That
way you're certain the ends will stay where they are.

Do'nt worry, your boat looks fine,
Dick van Zanten
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