Re: [baidarka] greenland in the water

Subject: Re: [baidarka] greenland in the water
From: Peter Chopelas (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 13:47:12 EDT

> I launched my Greenland last night. Here's what I found. My previous
> experience is in a strip built great auk and a plastic Avatar. Compared to
> boats, the initial stability is poor. It seems to take a lot of effort to
> level. Secondary stability is good. I seem to have more stablity/control
when the
> cockpit rim is about an inch from being in the water than I do when the
> is level. I'm sure I can get used to this. It turns great.

I understand this is normal for a properly built Greenland compared to
modern designs, you will get used to it (just like riding a bike and it will
feel normal soon enough). The performace should be better than the fat and
stable modern hulls as well.

Happy paddling.

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