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Subject: Re: [baidarka] New Member with questions
From: Peter Chopelas (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 21:23:09 EDT

> After your comments about gun' ale strength, I am considering running an
> 1/8 th inch strip of hard wood along the top edge of the gun' ale, and two
> 1/4" wide parallel 1/8th in thick strips along the bottom inside and
> of the mortise joints. That should form sort of an I-Beam with the
> absorbing most of the compression and tension forces. Just a thought. :)

sounds like a lot of extra work, I see not advantate to the top edge since
this is in compression in the most severe loading condition (unless you want
the hard wood there since this is the edge that gets beat up by the paddle
and during transport). The extra wood at the lower edge would considerabley
strengthen and stiffen it, but this is a lot of extra effort. Perhaps only
doing it for the center third of the gunwale is all you would need. If you
really want to get trick, how about hogging out the now redundant scarfted
middle wood (after the hard wood chords are installed), or you could drill
1.5 in dia holes in it avery few inches, both of these would save weight.
One caustion, you also create areas for sand to get trapped between the skin
and gunnel this way.

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