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Dimensions12' long, 25"x16"x7" folded
Capacity300 lbs (conservatively), adding 6" length adds 12 lbs.
Weight22 lbs., full pack with paddles is about 30 lbs.
DesignFrame folds, instead of coming apart into a lot of pieces
MaterialsBirch plywood and aluminum frame, nylon canvas skin
CostAbout $200 in materials
Building timePerhaps 100 hours for the first boat, 40 hours for the next
PlansComplete on-line (refinements added now and then)
Read the August 2007 Update describing Jim's aluminum ideas

Complete plans in PDF format

Check out Jim's new metal frame folder on his personal website.

Jim Heter
147 SW Jefferson, Sheridan, OR 97378


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Last updated December 19, 2011