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Royal tells of the 1st launch
Nov 6, 1999

It's a Splash! @!* --- This didn't live up to my hopes and expectations. Maybe next time ...

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Getting off the Dock into
HMS Royalty2,
Instead of a Christening
we said a prayer for it to FLOAT.

Something doesn't seem quite right
maybe it's my entry that's getting my back wet...

I'm off and paddling to get the feel

This is the public boat launch area in Marina Del Rey, CA

It looks like a broken-back
whale. I've got to do
something about this
And go out again.
Failure is not acceptable!!!

Can you see all that water at the back of the cockpit cowling?
220+ lbs. at the pivot point
and I'm getting wet

I've got some water inside,
but I'm still floating!!
You can bet I didn't
stay out long.

Coming back.
It's not as squirrelly as at first.

However, time to get out of here ...

Ending a short run.
Now, how do I get out
of my PakYak without
totally captsizing?